MOTOROLA is the turning point? $129 Moto E come out!

MOTOROLA official has just released the Moto E $129 and $219 in Moto G 4 G version.

Moto E specific configuration is as follows:

4.3 inch screen, 540 x 960 resolution and 256 ppi;

1.2 GHz dual-core qualcomm 200 processor;

1 gb RAM 4 gb storage (extensible);

5 million pixels rear camera;

1980 ma batteries;

with Android 4.4.2 system;

supports 3 g networks, wi-fi, bluetooth low electricity;

net weight 149 grams;

the fuselage waterproof scratch-resistant layer.

Moto E lackluster from configuration, even some lag behind. But the price of $129 or make science and technology media gave a high evaluation. According to foreign journalists to fit test pointed out that after Moto E smooth degree and speed of response are very good.

MOTOROLA official also high hopes on this product: “Moto E will be a turning point.”

in MOTOROLA’s view, Moto E target groups are those who will from machine function to the smartphone advanced potential users. After launching the Moto G is also true that in emerging markets such as Mexico and Brazil, became the most popular Android machine.

of course, Moto E positioning strategy also met with many competitors. But careful analysis, the product has its own advantage .

the first and the Galaxy Fame, the Galaxy, compared to Young Moto E is the biggest advantage of the latest Android system. And as a very close to the native Android devices, Moto E in the future are likely to be in 18 months, be among the first to get Android update products.

second, and Nokia, compared to X Moto E one of the biggest advantage is to have Google Play and Google Mobile Service.

again, and all sorts of intended to challenge the emerging of Android mobile phone operating system (such as Firefox OS) compared to Moto E in both appearance and workmanship and in, such as the ecological integrity, abortion and higher.

to sum up, cloud network editor you think hunting Moto E is likely to be popular.

it is reported, and 4 G version of the Moto Moto E G will soon more than 50 countries around the world to log in. Of course, as always, the native Android device, should not be on the Chinese mainland market.

contrast (right) Moto Moto E G