MOTOROLA official documents suggest that Moto 360 for $249

MOTOROLA recently, according to a document, the company will be officially released this summer of smart watches – Moto 360 valued at $249.

the news comes from MOTOROLA will hold about “Moto interface design competition 360”. In the file, MOTOROLA, points out the first prize is a Moto 360 smart watch, valued at $249.

however, we can’t judge this is Moto 360 pricing accordingly.

it is understood that this summer, will have at least two paragraphs with Android Wear system of smart watches. Now to be sure the LG G Watch and MOTOROLA’s Moto 360

if the above message accurately, so Moto 360 will be the most worth looking forward to this year’s smart watches (one). In addition to carrying the Android Wear Google Now function, perfect fusion, Moto 360 biggest bright spot is beautifully finished. From the current exposure photos, hunting cloud network editor you think it is the aesthetic taste of a smart watch.

the price of $249 is expensive or not? Hunting cloud network editor jun to give you a reference: samsung Gear 2 for $295. In this regard, Moto 360 pricing is really cheap!

Android Wear propaganda video, suspected to Moto 360 equipment