MOTOROLA quietly change: smart watch or decision for the future development

guide language: The science and technology on The Verge today published titled “The Future of Motorola in The man’s wrist, The Future of Motorola is on this man ‘s wrist), according to The commentary with The headquarters of Motorola from suburban Chicago migrate to urban areas, The company’s culture and way of operation and profound changes have taken place. Although smartphones is crucial, but the real decision in the future, may be based on the Android Wear of Moto smart 360 watches.

here is the article main content:

a few months ago, the meeting should be in Illinois, Bertie, a park where there in about an hour’s drive north of Chicago.

but now I came to the Merchandise Mart of downtown Chicago, the building covers an area of about two blocks from the grand stone structure, standing near the Chicago river, opened in the more than half a century. Here was the assets of the Kennedy family, but now has become a sanctuary: interior design inside brought together a large number of manufacturers, suppliers and marble floor ambry enterprise. It is said that the whole palace of sultan of brunei is done with things here to decorate, because this is the only one that makes him a purchase is complete.

now, MOTOROLA also moved here. For many living in the suburbs of MOTOROLA employees, the Chicago disastrous traffic makes the 65 kilometers of very pain and sufferings, and even leads to a cultural shock. But it also seems to show a different signs, let a person be a snapshot of the old-line giant upheaval in May this year.

all eyes were focused on the new chief executive Rick oster ROM (Rick Osterloh), people all want to know, whether he can lead the team to complete the change, achieve the goal. As is known to all, in addition to apple and samsung, it is very difficult for any company in the fierce competition in the smartphone market profit. This alone is enough to suffocating, and MOTOROLA will face more problems: it was supported by Google the powerful backing lived a comfortable life, but now, has been sold to the world’s largest PC maker lenovo. In the face of challenges, MOTOROLA will launch the world’s top smartphone, and mustn’t rival.

but beyond that, they have another secret weapon: Moto, 360.

“we already accustomed to change.” MOTOROLA’s senior vice President of design Jim Wicks said (Jim Wicks). He is calm, but does not lose passion, this is not the first time he in the face of such test. “Over the past three or four years, we has changed a lot, this time into a new stage.”

wicks was the golden age of SONY there as a designer, and then joined the heyday of MOTOROLA, so he must have a deep understanding on change. He has experienced the ups and downs of Razr phone, also witnessed the success and failure of Windows Mobile, also witnessed the MOTOROLA’s high-profile break-up, after Google and lenovo launched his all experiences of two offer. “You know, change is good in many ways. It can break your comfortable condition, let you usually won’t face some challenges. So, actually is a good thing for us.” He said.

the MOTOROLA’s new house is changing. In recent years, the Merchandise Mart has gradually become the emerging science and technology center in Chicago. As the headquarters of 1871 digital entrepreneurship center, Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) and Ben Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) technology, such as bosses have visited here, thus attracted the attention of America. This can also explain why Google announced in 2012, MOTOROLA moved from suburb to city, then distance it MOTOROLA has just finished in the past few months: oster and other MOTOROLA employees have pointed out that they were opened on many projects and 1871 cooperation.

this collaboration completely understandable, because impatient Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel) is working on the Chicago into a town of science and technology. But the plan announced, there is a more pragmatic reason: Google Chicago office just a few blocks away. After several rounds of layoffs in 2012 and 2013, MOTOROLA has no longer need to use on the outskirts of the large park – where is rented in MOTOROLA Razr period, when the iPhone does not yet exist, the Galaxy has not released.

however, seems to ignite new headquarters wicks genuine excitement. At least on the surface, he is not worried about the future of the company, don’t worry under the leadership of lenovo development prospects. “We are located in the downtown, here is full of vitality, very popular.” , “he says,” and moved here can improve our work efficiency, also can reduce the distance of engineering and design team. It changed the speed of our communication and decision making.”

MOTOROLA hired Gensler, the design of the company has to make the top of the building floors reinvent, abandoned the inanimate style, increase the vibrant modern elements. Each labyrinth of corridors leading to an office, all the people are very busy, very focused. In a large room, a group of engineers are camera components were studied with microscope. Across a few tables, there are some employees in the circuit board into bright red shell – this is likely to be a new cell phone model. There is even a special “butt machine”, simulation on a bottom to sit to Moto X over and over again. They also set up a game hall, inside filled with TVS, game consoles, basketball machine. No matter where, you can feel focused atmosphere.

wicks and I went to the consumption experience design laboratory (CXD), here is very comfortable, there are several employees wearing blue overalls are busy and behind them with 40 s of the MOTOROLA logo restoring ancient ways. Were placed along the wall is one of display cabinets, inside put the design and assembly of various prototype mobile phone here. I can only recognize some of them, some never seen – might be stillborn design originality. In these next to reveal ark, there is a open the drawer of the dozens of Moto X shell has not yet been released.

at this point, I began to imagine the appearance of the Moto Maker customization project. In the top drawer, wicks was delighted to see a design when he was in the SONY radio. It looks a little strange, like aliens.

in MOTOROLA’s new headquarters, this is a very important place. MOTOROLA here gave birth to new products, new ideas came here, here also determine the final execution means. CXD manager Mike jean-claude (Mike Jahnke) told me a story: he puts the Razr pink and then sent to the tennis superstar maria sharapova. Maria sharapova just use this phone on TV (he said, this is not good) designed. So, MOTOROLA’s then CEO Ed sander (Ed Zander) calling specifically about the matter. Soon after, sander and his team production approval pink Razr, and best-selling all over the world.

however, really make wicks excited or model shop next door. There lay rows of rapid molding machine – most of them are industrial grade 3 d printers — responsible for will engineer a whim of the various ideas into real. This efficient operation mode is very important to Moto 360 such products. Moto is highly anticipated 360 an Android Wear smart watches, it is expected to be released this summer, has the potential to be wearable market one of the most attractive, the most complete equipment.

although time is precious, but the task is still heavy. “As soon as possible to make completely imitate the final model is vital, but often ignored by people.” He said, “the prototype products should be fully integrated into the strategy and product planning process. It’s not outsourcing business, so we will it as an indispensable part of the whole business, it is also one of our current important design process.

the model shop even equipped with a 3 d printer consumption level, convenient staff yourself, and don’t have to pass the CXD team’s permission. All the machines here seems to be in on the work, busy.

this is necessary. And Moto Moto X G, though, have been popular, but it didn’t make MOTOROLA’s whole life. Oster luo pointed out in the public speaking, the first quarter of the company mobile phone shipments to 6.5 million units, up 65% from a year earlier, but apple has sold nearly 44 million iphones in the quarter. So, although a smartphone is an important business, but after lenovo’s acquisition of MOTOROLA, I’m afraid depends on Moto 360 established himself as a wearable market one of the most dynamic companies.

with wicks along, I felt the MOTOROLA still have the opportunity to stage a comeback. In the process of talking, I found his wrist was wearing a beautiful Moto 360 smart watches, coated with a metal shell, equipped with a brown strap. But he refused to show me this product.

as well as the actual effect and the picture of this watch, very nicely on his wrist. If it were not for, the surface is covered with large display will be mistaken for a classical luxury watches, such as Xetum. Although he is not willing to show me, but in the process, we chat many times that watch the screen lights up, looks very bright, very clear, the Android Wear interface design is very simple, very eye-catching. Coincidentally, when MOTOROLA launched a $2000 Aura handset, wicks at MOTOROLA. The product USES the high resolution of circular screen. I think that the screen is suitable for smart watches.

he also agree with this view. In that case, why to take action right now? “Difficult,” he said. “we have enough effort. We know that if you want to reinvent the watch, can attract the public’s high quality products, there are many things to do, and must bring radical change. After 3 months launch or two weeks after the launch, should do the right thing, do something meaningful, but can’t jump into the market.”

by MOTOROLA in 80 the most turbulent period in history, so there is only one way to do something really meaningful.