MOTOROLA “who can afford the” latest mobile 13 come out this month!

media invitation letter released MOTOROLA showed a few days ago, MOTOROLA will be released this month 13 a new smart phone. MOTOROLA official pointed out that this is a “people all over the world are affordable, durable” equipment. (Made to last. Priced for all.)

MOTOROLA wrote on the invitation: “let each other more and more people in the world unicom and access to information, eventually help them to achieve more great things”.

the current prediction about MOTOROLA this phone a lot, the popular “candidates” there are three main:

Moto E

it like selling Moto G configuration (or lower) : 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU. 4.3 -inch 720 p screen; Double card double stay; 1 g shipment deposit; 4 gb of memory; The Android 4.4 system.

Moto X + 1

previously reported, points out that the phone’s internal code for XT912A. Specific configuration is as follows: 5.2 inch screen 1080 p resolution; 2.3 GHz Xiao dragon 800 processor; 12 million pixels main camera; 2 gb RAM 32 gb of storage space. It is worth noting that the exposure message displays, the phone will launch the Android 4.4.3 system.

4 G LTE version Moto G

some analysts believe that MOTOROLA will launch support LTE Moto in 13 G. In addition, the report pointed out that generally, version 4 G LTE Moto G price is $179 the previous price is still lower.

it is understood that the latest MOTOROLA phones will be in the starting in two weeks.

if no accident, lenovo’s acquisition of MOTOROLA will be done in half a year.