Move the Ingress on Google glasses, Field Trip with you to explore the world

as Google Glass formal sale, technical maturity, Glass application scenario is also more and more.

last August’s Field Trip application also further optimization, promotion travel for the user’s good helper. Field Trip launch, the user must manually open, not like other functions smoothly, convenient to use. However, before the May Day holiday, the Field Trip to perfect the function of search open – the user as long as have a chance to say “OK Glass, Explore basis” can begin to “find world tour”.

the Field Trip to the development of laboratory is a start-up company Niantic Google Labs (that is, the studio Ingress) is developed, so the Field Trip password will fit with the Glass so high is also understandable.

a “OK Glass, Explore the basis”, after the Field Trip will answer, show the region near the interesting places, visit, etc., the Field Trip also provides including the classification of history, art, architecture, food, etc. Early experience is called Field Trip description of the function of the joint of Google, only can do most of the search by voice control. But Field Trip still need to improve, in the process of precise search still need combined with the touchpad.

Google software engineer, Niantic Lab members Leif Wilden said the Glass is a gradually developing platform, so the voice control function of the Field Trip just also spent a lot of time to match. He said, voice control on the application of the Field Trip such support is also recently started compatible.

Field Trip this upgrade is not only strengthen the function of voice control, also added the contents of the information from more than 200 publishers (including Happy Vermont and Guide to Copenhagen, etc.). Niantic Labs is responsible for the marketing of Yennie Solheim Fuller, team has been working hard to rich source of information, whether in big cities or small villages are designed to allow users to enjoy the advantages of the Field Trip.

Glass pass MyGlass users can get latest version Field Trip.