Mr Chen’s latest venture Yik Yak is a application?

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, and the company recently threw a refs called Yik Yak anonymous social applications. For people with problems we face at home and abroad, it seemed to want to put himself in the domestic can’t realize the dream, transferred abroad. Of course, as one of the most discerning investors in China, Chen, also may be keen to invest more potential applications, to continue for dying all blood transfusion…

Yik Yak is an anonymous news publishing platform based on location, based on geographic information by anonymous posts links within a community of people. Within a radius of five miles, Posting one can choose to distance himself recently, 100, 250 or 500 Yik Yak users to share the posts. Of course, if you are willing to spend $0.99, $1.99 or $5, can respectively with 1000, 2500 and even 2500 Yik Yak users to share your post. The application of the originator, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, two students from furman university. They were in an interview acknowledged that the vast majority of Yik Yak user use the software to complain: complain about something bad, bad, bad place, class and all other to complain about. Posting people generally do not use their real names, but the geographical position is generally accurate.

apparently, this characteristic makes similar humiliation or threatening event borrowed by Yik Yak this anonymous application emerge in endlessly. The company’s promotion has, in fact, many believe Yik Yak in violation of the provisions of the anti-bullying schools face such dilemma. “Avatar” earlier this year, Yik Yak for middle school campus popular online bullying between media and sensation. Argue, however, when two or more Yik Yak report users post contain improper content, or someone to post screenshots and offensive in the form of mail sent to Yik Yak related departments, this post will be deleted.

although such bullying, but this does not hinder the Yik Yak a stone up. Launched within three months after the application has five key school take root in the southern United States, and with 100000 monthly active users and release a quantity of more than 15000 pieces of information. And now, it announced plans on Monday, led by one of America’s largest venture Capital institutions DCM raised $10 million A, and the Azure Capital Partners, China everyone is joint venture firms and U.S. venture Capital institutions DFJ former partner Tim Draper is also involved.

the ipo success makes Yik Yak assets totaled us $11.5 million – seed in April this year, it also led by DCM offering $1.5 million. Yik Yak has announced that it will be by the end of a nationwide colleges and universities as the goal, to use the money to build new technology infrastructure, hiring engineers and increase marketing efforts. Today, the platform has been implemented to support the national and even global 250 communities.

“we are witnessing the app participation in real rise – which means that university of age and above of mobile phone users for their localization and personal interaction between major requirements,” Yik Yak partner and CEO Tyler Droll had said at a news conference in the company. “In order to continue to further expand Yik Yk’s scale, we need to build a bigger team. The new investment will wish us a helping hand.”

the comments of key words is “university of age and above,” is a mobile IM version “renren”! This spring, Yik Yak in many reports showed that the application after the school campus is improper students abuse controversy. About violence and humiliation bomb threats, cyberbullying, and caused a lot of detention and suspended cases, lead to the company had to after receiving complaints from parents and schools have shut down the entire Chicago area network access services. Since then, the company has by allowing schools in Yik Yak program on their use of geographical protection to redeem the incident, but also no doubt since then withdrew their tentacles around the school campus.

Yik Yak another round of financing as well as the target of the university campus, will be a direct anonymous social application how to grow better, and itself as a “mobile trend can be a good indicator of sustainable development.

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