Mr Chief Hugo shong have McGovern: 22 years and 22 minutes

on May 31, in Boston, and IDG, founder and chairman of Mr Patrick jay McGovern (Mr Patrick. J. McGovern) family, part of his remains will be buried in the bottom of the Massachusetts institute of technology under a tree outside the McGovern institute of brain science institute; In San Francisco on June 2, IDG capital to complete the latest issue of $586 million to raise finance.

from June 1, 1993 in Shanghai was founded the first venture capital firms in China, after 21 years experience, but this round of financing distresses of joy, and pain. This year on March 19, Mr Mak’s sudden death. On April 1, we start financing, colleagues conscientiously, help each other. This phase of the fund on time super success, also is the best comfort to Mr Mak and missed.

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I joined IDG on November 6, 1991, became chairman Patrick jay McGovern (Patrick. J. McGovern) Asian business development assistant. Within the company, everyone called him “Pat”; In China, people are used to call him “old”. Old love China, life 130 visits to China, and I accompanied or received his 110 times.

on April 30, drizzle silky as thought. In the Boston museum of science, I and old family, relatives and friends, more than 300 colleagues and IDG, reminiscing about Shared his brings us to the great and XiSuo… In the process of my speech, hear both hearty laughter, also saw the shining tears. Mary Dana lotus (Mary Dolaher) come over and I embrace, after the meeting said that my speech she was touched and regrets. 22 years ago, she is the secretary of Mr McCain, arranged for Mr McCain to me that is one of the first meeting of the interview. But as the President of the company, IDG world fair she planning and arranging the memorial ceremony, Mr McCain.

22 years to follow, and 22 minutes goodbye

Beijing, March 16 in the morning, at half past eight, my American mobile phone bell rang. A look at the Numbers, heart thumped, and know that is has been waiting for, and afraid of the phone. Old lady said, “he’d like to see four people, he said the order I turn call you, you are the first.” Her voice did not fall, I will refrain from ever cried: “what do you wait until now to tell me!”

20 days before a scheduled telephone conference hosted by Mr McCain, temporary instead of the company’s financial director, he explains, Mr McCain has a cold, is unable to attend. I mind instantly clouds, sitting around 20 years old considerate with a sigh, “old Mr Must be sick.” I know of him, this never hands-on and is definitely one of the best people, how can conference call because of a cold is absence? This is not the old style. In the next few emails, including I deliberately sought to test the phone messages, no reply… Know to have a bad news, but I don’t know to what extent are bad, hanging a heart day, particularly long and dark, hell.

the plane around half the earth, fall to the ground, or San Francisco on March 16. Seemed to freeze time, my mind, but in bright spring days straight drop cold ice cellar. Lying in a hospital bed at Stanford old, is I have never seen a strange, weak, almost cannot speak, even though he is trying to summoned up every ounce of strength, want to spirit to talk with me as usual.

I know, this is the only and last chance, it is my turn to give him a hype. In 22 years, with the wind or under, Mr McCain will always be in before the end of each quarter, he sent me a handwritten “Good News” (Good News) CARDS, both large and small for us success applause, also applaud we troubled. He is always our optimistic cheerleaders never say die. Now, I also brought cheer him “Good News”, is before I received a phone call swoop airport in a hurry to catch: a IDG new issue of national geographic magazine in Taiwan, a we just printing the IDG brochures of charity in China, it has to IDG/McGovern: 3 universities in China has contributed to the latest progress of brain science research institute… Mr McCain had faintly smile on the face, said very touched I traveled long distances to see him so quickly, even greeting Zhou Quanhe carefully my father. I can’t help but tell Mr McCain, in the home go to pre-school, my father and I live for 20 years, and after IDG job, I work with him more than 22 years, longer than with my father. This seems to be reminded of the old infinite sigh with emotion, he muttered aloud, in the last one I tried to take down his cell phone recording, left him a blur and a series of “Our special relationship special relationship (we)… “

yes, between us is so special, so much so that in his dying bed, I can only in his favorite “Good News” and he said goodbye. Because be afraid of him too tired, I always keep an eye on the phone measures the time. Follow 22 years old, in this short 22 minutes, such as doing a mill, sparkling twinkling Lian never back. Until out of the ward, drape across the doorway, I watched him from curtain seam, to walk, stasis of chest tears surge out finally, silent, interest-free, powerless, helpless.

I later returned to Beijing on the 19th, the second day early morning, the news is chasing my steps here.

special trust, special friendship

the relationship between the old and I, from the start is a bit special.

in 1988, the first meeting, I was a student, one side reading in darren Fletcher school of law and diplomacy, in kanas worked on the electronic herald publishing company and earn $15 per hour. Coincides with the citic group chairman, Mr Rong’s visit to the United States and in the Fletcher speech, I will stir up magazine sponsored a speech after dinner. Mr McCain wants to talk to honor President, seized was busy in the meeting at that time I gave him a temporary when translation, is but once, leave a little love to each other.

in 1989, I was the director of the Asian edition of the “electronic editing. Magazine Chinese partners was invited to the United States, the President of the kanas brief meeting after 10 minutes, want to meet with Michael, by the way, Sir. I accompanied by hospitality throughout the day. Old temporary please interpreter is not familiar with the electronics industry, I again when a volunteer translation.

in 1991, the third time the two saw each other, is I make the old. When the canas fully withdraw from the Chinese market, to return to country development I disappointed. Egged on by friends considerate, I dared to vigorously in recent years, the old in China is a monarch wrote three words letter. Old secretary give me the interview for 45 minutes, as a result, we talked about three hours. Parting, Mr McCain asked me about your salary requirements, I said: “I only know that China’s promising, but don’t know whether can give me how much money you earn. So, if you are willing to hire me, I can pay and now canas company the same salary, but I have a request, I will report directly to you.” I actually because in kanas in recent years, turn it in in all of the “blueprint” for all level for examination and approval of the final come up and torn.

Mr McCain had happily agreed. On November 6, 1991, I officially join the IDG. In early December to China, three days, with round the fax paper authorization, smooth signing acquired “network world”, we began in China continuously made the miracle of the dream, a dream trip.

is 22 years is really a long time, but what impressed in the memory is not simply make the gods cry event, but some daily with the clips. Underdeveloped I was in China, for example, no matter how busy of sate burn, as long as the old way, I am his surroundings not go from translation, resolute don’t let me give him another please. , “he said.” I think you are the best, I have seen a watch, you translation of the time and I talk long time.”

in 1980, he founded China computerworld told a joke. Computerworld 60 s, the United States in a Chinese restaurant upstairs office, every afternoon around 4 PM, the editors will be Chinese restaurant downstairs start pan sounds of aroma urged the press quickly stir-fry. As a result, the United States computerworld never missed Posting date. So old think Chinese food to computerworld made great contribution to the success of, this is also one of the reasons he has a special liking for China. He speak for 5 minutes, translation just said two sentences, then burst into laughter. Old Mr Succinct and impressed deeply in Chinese, hence ask people why, original translation directly tell you that Mr McCain told a funny joke, please laughter and applause. Old though I’m not cut corners on table, but also not against me to his speech, his words are used to describe is “automatic compilation (automatic editing)”, so as long as I’m there, he will be a flow freely gushing, quips such as bead aplomb.

maybe as I let him “free speech” in return, he also gives the whole IDG China team a free play, development of valuable space. In 1993, we cooperated with Shanghai science and technology commission, a $20 million investment founded the first venture capital firms in China, began in a strange wild field exploration. For seven years, crop failures. Those years, spreads to China tour of five or six times a year, always haunt us, maybe he suddenly a frustrated, cave in, take back all the investment and budget. But every time, on a nearly blank report card, always calm composure and laughing, McClaren is sewn betting. Even have to admire carefully, “Mr McCain is the only person I have ever seen is more optimistic than you”. 2000 years later, as the Chinese companies in nasdaq, we finally usher in a fruitful harvest. On November 6, 2011, the old lady came and made a special trip to Beijing to entertain me, congratulations and thanks to my joining IDG 20th anniversary. I asked why he had bet big money on people who have no experience in this. He smiled, “Because you are the guy who ‘d bet your youth on China’ s future (Because this guy dare you get own youth to bet on the future of China)”, he cunningly wink, the implication is that, on the fate of the people at the bottom, he bet money nothing at all.

later, our fund is more and more big, IDG in fund share of smaller and smaller, but we will always be “IDG capital”. Can’t forget the first person to pay tuition for us, that in my mind, is always regarded as the boss and mentor.

left two legendary

the Chinese say, a day for the teacher, lifelong for the father. Can describe about my heart to the old dear, also more or less tunnel out the point “special” between us. But two years ago, Mr McCain’s stubborn ever hard blow my “romantic”. In January 2012, Mr McCain twice after cardiac surgery recovery with a cold, sick body o ‘clock, but he was determined to go to India to attend the meeting, electricity to bring me to dissuade his wife becoming urgent. I made a special trip to sit the plane arrived, volunteered to replace him on a business trip, I didn’t think he found it back to me, “we don’t discuss this problem. Travel makes me feel good (Travel top service me feel good.” This is the first time that Mr McCain is also the only to me and said “no”. After the event, I also not so sadly said to considerate, old, after all, is not my father, otherwise, I do not need to request, as long as good shake-up by Shouting at him, “don’t go!”

Mr McCain has a let me “appalled” habit: he sat on a plane, will take out all kinds of documents was so absorbed in his work, the clock all the way. So the way by example, can make the long journey to sleep rest subordinates on pins and needles. So, unless as a last resort, I will never with old take a plane.

since the day I 26 entrepreneurship, Mr McCain is that in this almost inhuman diligent, work hard for 50 years. I think, he forced out every last drop of water for 50 years is equivalent to ordinary people in 100, his life is so deep and heavy variety. In old bed, in the last 22 minutes we get along with, I told him that this life he created two legend:

in 1964, he founded the IDG, the United States international data group, is the world’s largest information technology and publishing, research, exhibition and the risk investment company, in the information industry public opinion influence individual.

in 2000, he and his wife Shared commitment to contribute us $350 million, 20 years in the United States to set up the McGovern institute of brain science at the Massachusetts institute of technology. For decades, research achievements and talent, has won many awards, including the Nobel Prize.

but I, has been the most trusted, McClaren has the “automatic compilation” function “translate”, so now he has made a complete both legendary loyal and even surpassed the United States of the Chinese version: IDG company in China, published by the joint venture and cooperation with the computer, electronics, communications, and consumption of the newspapers and magazines for a total of more than 40 kinds of; IDG capital management, risk fund has more than $4 billion; Last visit to China last November, Mr McCain made a new commitment to IDG’s investment in China. In tsinghua university, Beijing university and Beijing normal university endowed IDG/McGovern, brain science research institute has signed all, were launched.

the old life of CLS in check, but politics, blessings, but it also makes me feel a long way to go. Benefit from a mother to teach him, he always said, life’s three big fun in life: always do what you love and passion; Work with like-minded people together; Implement new expectation and dream. And I look forward to at the moment, just like the old 22 years ago, going to try to find and use dare to take their own youth to bet on the future dream catcher, a new generation of “comprehensive” and I… It will be another new legend, in the business of the spring, break out, smoke a sprout, come.

after more than sad pain, I finally gradual enlightenment, the essence of the new generation. Though heaven forever,……, old with me, as if once again appear to be same.

some people come into our life, never die, because he and all his accomplishments, not only indicate the height of the life for us, but also inspires us to pursue dreams, to go on.

source: startup state