Mr. Dai: I am not afraid of driving entrepreneurs bad, lower limit should not start a business

cloud network hunting note: Mr. Dai is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs after 80 in China, after the successful sell discuz to tencent, Mr. Dai joined tencent. But before long, Mr. Dai unexpectedly over 70 million shares of a sea do investors. Mr. Dai why make such a decision? For entrepreneurs, what he understand?

in the summer of 2014, the article reveals the present situation of venture capital circle blame was reported to have special fire in a used to be “famous” angel investors can only rely on to entrepreneurs to calculate constellation to project. My heart with laughter, and this is not Mr. Dai said?

only on the surface, Mr. Dai in line with the rumors come down in the image. He is one of China’s most famous master, after the year 80 is the representative figure of entrepreneurs. He founded by tencent comsenz century 2010 for $60 million (RMB 468 million) acquisition, Mr. Dai so join tencent. However, he left from tencent executives seat in 2014, while tencent shares lost more than 70 million yuan.

if you want to prove that he was kicked out of tencent, I can also add some evidence for you: he is tencent in tencent last position electricity holding company (ECC) life electricity department general manager, responsible for the micro letter O2O expand. Later, tencent in jingdong, ECC be broken up, he is responsible for the micro life project falls in ECC in conjunction, after he left, is zoned to public comment on this part of the business operations.

after ten years ago that a group of stars 80 entrepreneurs, then most PengSha away. Thanks Mr. Dai, “after the 80 entrepreneurs” didn’t become a kind of satire. Leave Mr. Dai tencent is now a angel, but angel investors and is now a deficiency fire at the profession.

I was sitting in his office with this lamentable attitude. He is still in the Discuz! The original local office, this is now tencent company. Decorate the room is very big, not trendy, piled at sixes and sevens data on the table, tea table on leftover McDonald’s and boxes, some mineral water bottles slanting beside.

when he pushed the door and come in, sorry immediately. He’s no regret, have financial freedom, do angels also won the 1000 times of return. The key is he did not grow old, as if some younger than before he joined tencent. If he had been kicked out of tencent, or cooking, can also be so healthy and energetic, it must have a high eq. Or, leave tencent reborn let him immediately?

the following oral please see Mr. Dai.

I love from 0 to 1

is a vision. I first vision is to be a top-notch programmers, programmers make product must to the market, so I had to do an entrepreneur. I was actually use Discuz as their own children, this is a real vision, from 2001 until 2001, spent more than a decade.

no matter you admit or not, the company once sold, entrepreneurs to psychological changes, it is very wonderful. At that time my mouth still regard it as a vision, subtle changes have taken place in mind. When you lose all the decision-making power, the company will be affected by some non-market factors, then you will re-examine your vision. Say it or not, from the beginning of the merger, this vision will be weakened, but you also can’t stop. Live oneself buy a house and rent a house, feeling is not the same.

that is about to look for a new vision, so I put the second goal on O2O. In large companies, a thing if someone attention, its space is relatively fewer people. Because much attention of people, there are many hand. Nobody was doing O2O attention, I think this is an interesting thing, then do for two years. Then it is the vision, I began to have more space, but the more to later in the company, after all, there are still a lot of uncontrollable factors, not enough freedom. Not enough free is a good thing or a bad thing? Actually also quite good, it can cause you to absorb other people’s things, whether forced or voluntary.

but looking back, I will ultimately form their own things. What is more suitable for me? What can I create? I am in what circumstances to create? I have to ask me the meaning of existence. But I finally found, absorb others’ things to improve is not my interest. Big companies are improved to a certain extent the operations of the system, a bit like old house renovation. Old house renovation, I can do, but it is not what I really want.

I like the process of from 0 to 1, instead of from 1000 to 10000. The first to solve is how to cover the house problem, solve the problem is how to balance the advantages of the latter, the old want to balance, creativity will be suppressed.

I would want to at this moment, my ability of innovation? For I am not a dispensable things, innovation can make me feel alive. I go to create, would be a good state, can also inspire me a lot of things; But if, in a balanced environment here create a weight, there is imbalance, still have to fill a, it will cost a lot of time. To some extent, the time is alive, I am under the liberal state, is devoted to create, to eliminate the interference, feel time slow. The equivalent of an additional time, so as to prolong the life.

to a person, time is the most precious, but it is not able to calculate. For all the money, I think it doesn’t matter, because time is much more valuable than money. Later I and Pony (CEO of tencent ma) talked about these ideas, he quite understand. Later I might have made a reservation in tencent consultant’s identity, so don’t know how to arrange the stock, they might be back to me.

but the Pony and I offered to resign from tencent, really want to and ready to give up 70 million shares. Money that is who is who, according to my personality, also won’t how to get the money. This shows that, in turn, everyone is understandable after communicate with each other.

money is not the thing

my earliest investment project is boya interaction. (the Internet chess game companies listed in Hong Kong in November 2013, popular, Mr. Dai therefore won the one thousand times of return.) Around 2008, I invested in two companies, then I have no money. In 2011, I just started to investment, occasionally look at the project, also didn’t spend much time, just as a hobby.

how ability, an entrepreneur in the future I will have a roughly judge, chat a 10 minutes, 20 minutes to know do you want to vote. This is a very short process, I also say not clear criteria, and you go to eat, eat very delicious first bite.

the first thing I have to the person to the entrepreneurs interested, I will listen to what he would do, or what I heard him say what he would do is to understand him. I myself is to compare the typical business model, from nothing, to have your own expectations vision, to achieve. In essence I’m using my other entrepreneurs and my sample match, if matching degree is high, I know that is about him.

to the investment project, I don’t have expectations, have expected it broke. Early stage investing is a long work, when can you expect pick fruit, when grown up, that is just the expectations of their own, right? It is a tree, there is a seasonal flowers, it has its growth laws of nature. What expectations? I expect is less than expected, epictetus instead.

as to how much, different stages standards are different from project to project. It a year or two I voted for a small company to do English learning, several children, very early; Invested in a net “” fire coin and do the currency; Also invested in a company for small and medium-sized enterprise service “MikeCRM” there are a few, are all very early, some only idea or Demo, sesame seed size.

I do angel investors and others to choose projects and cultivate people’s way is different. I really don’t see the project itself, what it doesn’t matter, mainly at people on line. Where is the gold will shine. Besides, I threw the company changed direction, many of them you according to the project to success rate is not high also. Of course, many other investors also pay attention to people, but first, or project first.

is a judge, I and the way they look. Many investors from outside to see more, such as qualification, CV and successful experience. These things, of course, can also be reference, but I feel more surface, and I will, this article analyzes the source character. At this point I often feel lonely, because less language together with other investors.

I like

what personality traits, is to compare the utility and comparison of the calculated business man I don’t care for it very much. I like a man of vision, can not achieve the ideal? The big deal is thanks to the money, right? But part of you to support this ideal, is better than not ideal support people interesting? Some projects into someone with, immediately become popular, this isn’t too love me in. Because I think it is similar to speculation, this world there are a lot of money can earn, but made? In addition to the money, I myself have no harvest, I think the meaning is not big.

because no other thoughts, so I can tell what his vision, why on earth would start a business. I then start a business, also have a vision. But that kind of vision, like a person’s dress, you can feel he is wearing his own clothes.

this article, I also want to determine whether or not he can put the idea to the ground. Why, for example, the user use your product? What are your product can move where users? How the product demand point? There is a kind of situation is terrible, above all the answer is his subjective imagination, his own assume a world, a this I also don’t care for it very much.

I also don’t like something everyone can see the future, what kind of bracelet, smart watches and so on. You may be able to make the other a smart watch, that this world is not short of another a smart watch, also don’t lack a bag, a restaurant. Of course you want to put the restaurant do very have temperament, I also like this, but if is to be full belly of the restaurant, do that what you mean? The project may be to make money, but I can’t from high school, I was not to make money and do the investment.

I put all the money as the tuition. Every entrepreneur is my school, I when the investment is I spend money to buy a process and entrepreneurs create experience together. So I give the tuition to who, I am to choose. If nothing to be learned, then why do I give him the tuition?

these years I never seriously to pay tuition. What MBA program, I think it’s silly. A lot of things should belongs to the category of the humanities, and need someone to feel. Turn these into mechanization, turn it into a see, touch, and cold things have what mean? MBA I feel not get entrepreneurs, this is what for working people. Tencent has some corporate training, some of them are mandatory to attend. You can also discuss each other, but are relatively shallow, like knowledge to me and much knowledge is no use. I don’t go to school very early, why? Because I think people don’t need too much knowledge. Need what, natural to learn, had learned to give away. Such as chemistry, before the exam, I see two eyes, learn to take an examination of 120 minutes, but after a moment I go to exam, may be only 80 points. Why is that? Because I have already throw it away.

reading period, I was a student, the identity of the duty is to be sure to test. But at that time, my identity must be a student? Not necessarily. I have long wanted to see the problem. I am who I am, why I must be a student? I am my own, is not equal to the identity, as I don’t prefer those who put the identity and their adhesion to entrepreneurs.

of course, learn to back pressure, stress is I active choice, I’m sure to take the consequences. But do the students have pressure? When I have pressure, I know this is the result of my initiative choice, so I will face actively, rather than passive acceptance. Like with your head against the wall, can make oneself sober deliberately crashed, and passive was a push, strength may be the same, but the former is much easier to bear, the latter is often suffer, blame who gave me a pair of, to find his ass! I think that a really clear is everything into active, even is a passive experience into active way to deal with. Since you have a choice, you have a evaluation, what’s the worst thing you can handle.

so since the childhood, a lot of people say I’m no zuo no die, said what? What they said pass I what matter? Even if really poor, broken, you can dig yourself, all this is really not acceptable. You will find the end, you dig up all the things are acceptable. I often ask entrepreneurs a question: “how do nothing?”

every time feel can’t accept, I will continue to dig and nothing is later found to be unacceptable. Others scold you again, you say that originally the nobody scold me? Ever since I was young I always scolded, do Discuz also scolded everyday, scolded? He scold you, you can also choose your comfortable or uncomfortable, have emotions or not, you can choose. Give me a few years time, cut off all the things in the outside world, deep thinking some problems, maybe I’ll figure out something very god?