Mr. Luo “fool”? Why would anyone buy a hammer mobile phone

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a year ago, Mr. Luo released Smartisan OS, I wrote down, to be honest, I was for old don’t read too much about, impression of him is this a few key words: high profile, English teachers, Siemens, refrigerator, hammers, crosstalk…

of course, just because of this a few words, when editing manuscripts to me, I will rudely hammer mobile phone set the tone for the unreliable. So I almost provocation geological asked – Smartisan OS: whether a “hammer” it?

however, life is so strange. Over the past year, no matter where I work, was always surrounded by sheer powder. And they, like the missionary, weary of “evangelism” to us… L is one of the classmate, he is luo powder in the one of biggest influence on me. When all people think that the hammer mobile phone is likely to be a joke, he has always been the most “agitation” a defender.

I from black into powder, and he is a hero.

Mr Luo’s feelings and real

struck me, a big part of Mr. Luo is the kind of human feelings and true self expression.

maybe, you will feel very empty. Or, a little force (what? A little bit? It is very). But, after disdain, you really heavy to think? Behind the old exaggeration, he points out problems and understanding, for products are are nonsense? Dissension in the network environment, you dare to express themselves so real?

zhihu net friend li 嫑 嫑 in finish see yesterday’s hammer conference, said, “even though there are many people in the satire and ridicule, not look old, and his dream” “hammer mobile phone, but I still admire him. He is too really, not only can blow out the cow force, also can as far as possible to achieve or close to. Perhaps, Mr. Luo cannot reach the height of the iPhone, however, this planet could have one more so innocently, have ideal, have artistic talent, there are feelings of middle-aged male fatty, and he is going to do mobile phone attentively, to redefine, why not encourage?”

yes, this is one of the most relevant.

in the same way, as a member of the ordinary people, although we can’t change the world, but please respect for people who want to change the world.

The origin of the

hammer and artisan spirit

Mr Luo first truly reveal the intention of the mobile phone to do, is in November 2011, send a tweet. At that time, he’s still in the Old English training.

on the same day, Mr Luo sent a weibo, roughly said he opposed blindly do the phone’s screen. Soon, however, he also use a slightly rough negative responses, a don’t think he will forward the real to do cell phones.

a few days later, Mr. Luo forward the weibo, lei jun says he initially wanted to “marketing capabilities to the partnership” millet, but not “” concept, had to go it alone.

so, Mr. Luo determines the basic mobile phone. Why is a hammer, I think we should have clear: one is represents the old idea of the spirit; 2 it is represented in the six months before at the entrance to the headquarters of Siemens China hit a refrigerator with the hammer…

the second point, of course, only a terrier Mr. Luo said at the time, the first point is the old real name “hammer”.

it is important to note that the hammer, the spirit of the craftsmen in is old. Hammer many of the details of the phone, it reflected a perfect pursuit of his own work craftsmen. Whether “snapping a function”, “one-handed operation”, “efficiency” screen inductive problem, or hands running, use efficiency, Mr. Luo has his solutions and perspective, the details of the heart and human nature and considerate, really can only master craftsman.

brand personality and fans culture

these two points should be most business owners admit.

you will discover that, now most of the micro enterprise officer (weibo) in shaping its own brand personality, personified. Such as @ durex the official weibo, @ what Coca-Cola, @… Each officer micro positioning has its own personality, have a plenty of show MOE type, have no moral integrity, have a plenty of knowledge type, in short, they are trying to give the brand personality, to attract fans, the fans culture is established.

domestic do better, is millet. Millet by lei jun endorsement “marketing” type of personality, and to build the concept of “fever”, to the millet mobile phone like playing “machine” has attracted a large number of fans, and formed a “geek” fan culture.

in the same way, have to admit that. Mr. Luo launch hammer mobile marketing model, and millet are nearly the same. , Mr. Luo to hammer mobile phone brand personality more bright, more angular.

since decided to do mobile phones, starting from the name. Mr. Luo is in constant as the voice of the hammer mobile phone platform, and tried to own the humanity and real personality injection, to give their fans into a hammer fans.

in fact, Mr. Luo succeeded. When 5000 people packed with national conference center, when the door fan pull “old not know us, but he loves us” banner, he has succeeded.

communitarianism and value convergence

the concept of communitarianism is derived from rawls “theory of justice” in the 1970 s, and against the basic values of liberalism, John rawls think liberal ignore social consciousness on the importance of personal identity, political, and cultural traditions together, before and after the construction theory has its limits. Later, in the 1980 s, communitarianism is one of the two mainstream of western political philosophy.

of course, communitarianism aimed at restoring the importance of social value, and not want to replace the important position of liberalism in today’s society, and only hope revision liberalism to false assumption of the individual and community, and reiterated that the community of the importance of the individual.

because with the development of the industrial age of prosperity and economic and social ties of less and less, to maintain contact community is more and more weak. For example, the Internet can help you to complete almost all requirements, you rarely need to collaboration and communication with others. In this way, the community in the impression will be more and more weak, and you will alone will be more and more strong. This for the brand, it must be bad. Because you can’t because everyone will brand positioning.

this contradiction will always go down?

no. Extremes meet. When people increasingly alienated from society, another human would force them to return to the community, or escape from loneliness.

so, you will find that, although now many people indulge in the network, but also has a lot of people are beginning to find community in need, the value of convergence. Like many spontaneous organizations, pencil economic research, logic thinking, etc., they are very typical community.

logic thinking’s slogan is “love wisdom” pursuing, gathered a group of people that fundamental values and the convergence of a group of people.

in the same way, the old cell phone and a hammer fans while there is no definite social formation, but their fundamental values is based on the old reveal the concept of convergence. Many of the fans would like to buy a hammer mobile phone, including me, we pay not hammer mobile phone of this product, buy most of or hammer mobile phone appear to emotional resonance, embodied and convergence of values.

like after the conference, you have been staring at the old like this sentence: I’m not in order to win or lose, I am serious.

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