Mr Luo Japanese engineers make fun: will Japan’s leg as a selling point

remember Mr Luo speaker’s hammer cell phone conference? Conference in old spend much emphasized the hammer mobile phone camera is by the famous Japanese Fujitsu, imaging technology solutions provider and talk and Fujitsu engineer fifty haze’s tacit understanding. However, the Japanese side can not think so.

50 arashi qiangiu forward on his Facebook hammer video phone conference, and wrote a long of comments, said Keynote data in offering his title of “chief engineer” very strange flower, “DE し い”). At the end of the article is about China’s emerging companies such as hammer technology, plant the thighs and Japanese companies and Japanese engineers as a selling point for fun.

a brief translation: “knowledge in the video that is hammer President, 20 minutes and 20 seconds, my name and the title of a wonderful work together (chief engineer) appeared. Chinese companies, especially some of the new company, the identity of the selling point to fool consumers, will be held in Japan’s leg as a key factor.” The home of (it)