Mr Luo “king about rack” freely: Zealer suspected back to OPPO investment

hammer technology Mr Luo openly and freely Zealer founder wang “about”, it sparked concern at the moment.

as a renowned figure, seemingly close two people originally, why go to so far? Some may also posted its figure in the evolution of the relationship.

one industry insider told cloud network editor, hunting Zealer posted a hammer after evaluating video, came under attack, its official weibo hammer official suspected attacks.

“although, the king has not publicly said hammer, but everybody see what he says is a hammer.”

hunting cloud network editor jun love gossip, but the favorite or hard goods. Zealer be lei jun investment, add big shareholders, Zealer suspected back to OPPO investment. Hunting cloud network edit your query information of industry and commerce, get the following information:

there are two Zealer shareholders smartphone manufacturers, is a millet, a OPPO, for this kind of capital arrangement, Zealer evaluation will attract other smartphone makers.