Mr. Luo open conference today, let’s speak a jack’s jokes

cloud network hunting note: today is the day when a hammer technology issued the first mobile phone, and Mr Luo phone conference for the first time in life, let’s not speak lei jun, tell some jokes of mobile phone industry another representative jack, of course, hunting cloud network as a new technology blog also invited to participate in the hammer technology conference, and follow-up reports, etc.

Mr Luo and jack played ZuiZhang, in October last year, Mr Luo shelling meizu “is basically a can be ignored.”

meizu’s actual sales should only more than 40 department , is basically a can ignore the enterprise quality credit (mobile phone). although jack “a second”, but a Chinese entrepreneur spirit rare , and therefore have a batch of iron powder, it often to bite, oppo to sell than make people misunderstand it.”

yellow two people also have been set. In February this year, the industry celebrity li yi tweeting: “dear comrade luo yonghao, 2014, is doomed to be bloody China and even global smartphone industry reshuffle, I look forward to hammer mobile phone as soon as possible, more looking forward to Mr Luo and the alignment of the jack, you can solve the problem of his marketing, he can solve the problem of your product, why not? As for money and channel problem, I can look for ms dong mingzhu, she have no reason to refuse the bureau . Ok, you and him, it would be better together?”

the meizu’s official weibo, according to the meizu welcome any can concentrate the power of a greater power to create more win-win , and @ Mr Luo. Mr Luo tepid response: “ the pursuit of product is much more than jack. In addition, I wish jack can solve their marketing problems in a decent way .”

anyway, jack meizu phone quality to gain the recognition of Mr. Luo, on this special day, founder jack’s story telling. As for the old cell phone quality? We have to wait and see.

here are a few jokes about jack:

called geek

in May 2009, the zhuhai municipal government built a activities, please come to the national various high-tech hero. At that time, celebrity gathering activity venue, canopy. City leaders, suddenly found that no meizu chief executive jack in the venue, so called men go to jack, please. Unexpectedly is that jack didn’t give city leaders face, not only did he invited right away, instead, call a person with words, the venue of the celebrities are enough, I’m not a celebrity, I also will do little to, also said she doesn’t adapt to the scene.

jack’s attitude, the zhuhai having a lot of the leaders of the embarrassment. High and new technology development zone, director of the 7 gas more smoke, grabbed the phone to jack cursed. It is said that on the phone, the leader made a table, and ordered jack immediately rushed to the meeting. In this way, Huang Zhangcai was very reluctant to arrest to be present.


when it comes to jack, Bai Yongxiang with music enthusiasts and digital natives two words to describe him. In jack’s home, not only has value of special music equipment, even to sound room to move. “In the beginning is burning equipment, then think that could be the power cord, I never believe that, in a power cord to the similar. Then think is wrong house, the floor a little resonance, changed. Then the lamp has a problem, changed. And then think walking is a problem with the power cord from the wall, and down the wall. Until finally, specially equipped with a transformer for acoustics and dedicated line. Many entrepreneurs will be more interested in business, but jack is different. His pursuit of the details and get the kind of happiness and pleasure, that we can’t understand it.”

obscure carpenter plot

about jack, an unknown secret is that he has a carpenter crafts. It is said that jack of many furniture in the home, fashioned by him, he used to buy their own wood, for example, design, and the manual plane make a TV ark. Without knowing his alien sounds, it’s like MingXi zong zhu as crazy by the deeds of the school. This kind of furniture manufacturing experience naturally continue to in the design of mobile phone. In fact, jack has been the role of chief designer, “j. ong design” or even become a brand.

when designing mobile phone appearance, he will use his create furniture plane grinding out a number of mold, select a most suitable size feel is the best to the engineer, then the engineer will be in accordance with the wooden model to build a steel mold. Meizu MX born chamfering in the back of the fuselage is such, if you look carefully, will find chamfering are very similar to the wooden chair manual polishing effect.