Mr. Ma again pull mayer a: ali decided to reduce the repurchase 68 million shares from yahoo! ‘s hand

Q2 2014, according to yahoo results showed that alibaba will be listed after, reduce the number of ali shares from the original buy yahoo. Analysts pointed out that this yahoo “dream”, “power” two years later still struggling marissa mayer, again to get some breathing space.

documents show that after the listing, ali will buy yahoo hold 140 million shares in ali. The number of 208 million shares. Although reduce 68 million to buy back shares, the $1 billion level less means that yahoo to return, but continue to hold a certain number of ali, instead, to a certain extent, reduce the investor worries about yahoo’s future development.

after media reported that alibaba u.s.-listed after the highest market value could reach $200 billion (a claim for us $150 billion).

actual situation is. Yahoo’s share price performance, are basically with the published results of ali rose slightly. All previous media pointed out that mayer carried out without hesitation “yahoo acquisitions of carnival season”, is a very important reason why buy back yahoo’s stake, ali brought enough carrying cash cow for mayer.

unfortunately, yahoo transformation in transition period, the results are still decline. Even mayer himself Q2 earnings on yahoo. “We are the most important thing is to promote revenue growth. And the current performance, situation is not satisfactory.

according to Q2 results showed that yahoo (excluding traffic acquisition costs) total revenue of $1.04 billion this quarter. The figure below Wall Street expectations of $1.08 billion. Interest tax, depreciation and amortisation of $340 million, compared with last year fell 8%.

Re/code quipped, “mayer most should thank the man who had two: the first is Mr Ma, he brought the bonanza of alibaba for yahoo; The second is the Yang, in his foresight in investment the ma long ago.”