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there are a group of people, so they thrifty, has the room have a car, or are about to have a room have a car, never buy online virtual flowers, starbucks coffee is always in the hand. The greatest pleasure is weekend can roam in the shade on the field, sweat profusely. But limited by many reasons, or work, or social parties, don’t have time to organize the ball friend enjoy playing football. But this does not prevent heat in their heart of that kind of football.

kick a ball team, need booking, find opponent. For training of professionals, but for the amateur football fans, complete this a series of preparation, also enough time. From shenzhen development of application of entrepreneurial teams – music, football, is preparing to solve these complicated problems.

for football, football is a music lovers to provide one-stop service of mobile applications. Geared to the needs of the users are amateur football fans, this part of the crowd to new things to accept ability is strong, but also has good consumption ability. They can provide from the venue booking, matching, about referees and a series of the football match.

at present is rich, the user can see football news aggregation in application, football activity information all over the country, in his own city can also be a key event.

in addition to these there are also a bright spot in the application, the league. He will show all registered in joy’s football team, and will record data, teams and players divided into online and offline data. Traditional data offline for the football match, such as the score, goals, assists and other data. Online is the user’s personal statistics, after the vote for the medal of honor will be in the future there will be physical and big data join in.

the lucky football team also have heavy offline operation, in guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai and other places 330 signing of course, this year’s main goal is to complete the national main stadium sign up resources of the city. At the beginning of April and completed the signing of associated with the Chinese city television station, “le odd analog World Cup” 7 people system of amateur football match. Team said, using the offline operation easy access to the user, through into the online users to produce more viscous.

about profit model, the team said that there is no further consideration, mainly focus on the user operation and course sign. Signing and stadium, stadium will give lucky 10% – 30% rebate, these commissions they all subsidies to the user.

overall, domestic and foreign football compared to football, there is a big gap. But does not prevent football fever in domestic spread, amateur football in China is becoming more and more rich, according to incomplete statistics, China has more than 200 million fans, which has a population of 30 million in playing amateur football, football popularity also is closely related to the country’s economic level, believe that with the steady rise of national life conditions, domestic amateur football also has a bigger market, the future is how to dig.

Based information

company: shenzhen mino’s technology co., LTD.


lucky football

time: November 2012

location: guangdong, shenzhen

stages: initial

areas: mobile Internet, the sports social

abstract: music, football is a soccer enthusiasts to provide one stop service of mobile Internet social networking platform.

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