Musk ox force, his free of charge to all tesla’s patents

, according to the Wall Street journal online reports, tesla CEO Elon Musk, (Elon Musk) for sale on the market use battery-powered car, less than 1%, so he decided to open up tesla’s patents, want rivals catch up.

musk Thursday on its blog published an article entitled “we all patent belongs to you”. “Just yesterday, tesla’s patents have been closed within our palo alto headquarters. From now on, this kind of situation will disappear. We in line with the spirit of the open source movement, open our patent, purpose is to promote the electric car technology progress.”

musk said in a question-and-answer session with reporters, is currently considering open patent included with the rest and car battery power system how to integrate related patents. Musk, according to their open source initiative is also limited. “We don’t want to let others to imitate our car, let users mistakenly thought that is our car.” He said.

musk hinted that he decided to tesla’s patents to open a reason is to make electric cars to achieve greater economy. Tesla’s super charging stations, for example, the patent will be Shared with other auto makers, which will help tesla share the cost.

musk said he met with BMW executives yesterday, discussed the potential cooperation way, one of them is co-operation in super charging stations. Musk believes that there should be more manufacturers like tesla, using a small battery pack. “This is I want to recommend a solution.” He said.

musk said that so far, other automakers already know tesla technology, but also a different approach. A big car company, he said, had had several times to ask tesla technology, but they go to a direction. “They chose a sub-optimal solutions, this stupid.” Musk said.

musk in analyst meeting on Thursday, as well as his Twitter account on the open patent announcement. But after the decided to announce it, elon musk tried to suggest that it is not that important. Patent should not be so important, he said, “you want rapid innovation, patent before then you will become no value”.

auto industry had the famous patent wars, including the first invention patent litigation about who owns the car. In the 1970 s, gm’s share about the development of catalytic converter technology innovation.

musk said, investors should pay more attention to how a company can attract the best talent, rather than a patent portfolio.