Mutual network, BBS accumulated reputation, would be better to run faster

entrepreneurship should be tireless work, do your best but interested in career.

but time really belong to the enemy, seven years of entrepreneurship, with the start-up speed of the Internet, this time really is very long, but also good, in Liu Bailong view, business to also harvest love is blessing in life, like other things can slowly to do next.

accurately, Liu Bailong formal entrepreneurship is 4 years, the first three years in personal interests and hobbies do the BBS mutual aid network, tourist class at first wanted to help the tourism friend can find in the local of mutual friends, can take the tourists quickly familiar with the tourist destination, tourists to its return is the generation of mutual aid, in places they are familiar with to host the next tourists. So that the tourism and social mutual friction.

say clear point, is mutual, help each other, make more friends. Mutual network belongs to the BBS at first, because of its strict authentication mechanism, make the BBS settle user loyalty is very high.

certification process is that the user registration after the mutual aid network, must pass a real-name authentication, posts the mutual binding weibo or QQ, upload the real images, submit id card information. Protocols, mutual posts must be certified from the user, or other users also don’t believe the truth of this post, will leave a message, urged his certification.

7 years precipitation, mutual aid network currently has 1.02 million users, for a currently only 5 people of entrepreneurial teams, not many. But learned when interview, Liu Bailong not technical background, the current technical head also belongs to a part-time job to do, it is very surprising.

Liu Bailong told xiao yun, after mutual network is given priority to with BBS, work hard on the technology which is also an operating at present give priority to products, but have realized not aspects of technology, is currently looking for technology partners, they joined the angel business incubator in Shanghai Su He remit the second phase of the hatch. Liu Bailong admitted that the hatch is the biggest harvest, let them have a more clear understanding on business model, also have on the future development of the planning more clearly. To activities for the point of interest, make the exploration of business model.

and other types of commercial tourism activities, the event organizers points three kinds, one kind is cooperation of tourism products, more personalized custom interesting content, avoid trips that curing condition. Another kind is mutual network related tourism activities organized by them, higher ratio of travel content and route. And those belonging to the local user initiated tourism products, can also be online after approved, with the locals to make tourism products, believe that will be more high quality.

in addition to tourism products, advertising is now a profitable way of mutual aid network, but after all, the quantity was small, another is the docking site inn channel is green mango net inn resource, the quantity is small, can account for 10% of their income.

now, help each other net the biggest bottleneck is obvious, is the lack of technology, causing the site to experience is not so comfortable. Together with other big giants involved in tourism, the primitive accumulation of user viscosity can because development speed too slow, users have a better choice, slowly to leave. Maybe mutual net short of a technology partner, so fight alone, they are too far away from commercial or entrepreneurship. Filling technology board with strong operation and the advantage of the currently active user viscosity, mutual network business prospects may be more clear.

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