My last a conversation with Mr. Ma

cloud network hunting note: as a senior media person, wang in the past five years has an exclusive interview with Mr. Ma 5 times, this article is the last time, is also the most free chat of time, because the topic is about to retire. Ma in the interview to show the real side.

the author: wang (WeChat public number: wangchangsheng110)

in order to get the interview chance, I make track for the ma for a whole year, he always said to me, “you wait, I give you a special opportunity”. As for what special opportunities, he won’t say, I guess may be listed on alibaba. But surely the listed in the silent period, he could not accept interview. I was confused. Suddenly one day he called me to say to want to meet chat, unexpectedly, topic is retired.

the following are extracts from the interview and points.

jack ma has been elusive, eccentricity, as multiple, worship him and hate him may be just as much. You maybe can’t stand his d, reader’s digest inspirational motto, but will sometimes go to taobao shopping. What do you think of his dream, but he did get a lot of things…

low ma and strange man from all walks of life, has created the Taoist, buddhist, the communist party of western management, thinking, with a the daodejing built a business empire. He wanted his “soul out-of-body experience” in the company, and said “company fucking leave who can turn”…

low ma realized what way? “I’m from tao wu leadership, from the Confucian understand what call management, from the buddhist learn how to return to the ordinary. These thoughts comprehensively, gentleness, is tai chi.” ……

in tai chi sang songs, it made several significant structure adjustment, the company complete retirement succession, layout ali financial, mobile, data, logistics and other key business, you also have to hand it to Mr. Ma’s kung fu…

low Ma Yunyou brutal survival philosophy, some controversies (wei, VIE, etc.) made him “the faster the good heart, knife” cold side…

“in the” class “the breeze pure Yang (ma ali group M6 above and a few M5 senior class), Mr Ma let 50 name ali executive imagine what alibaba is the next 30 years. Ma walked around the room, and sometimes repose, sometimes stare big eyes, and sometimes find a corner and sat down, sometimes to practise tai chi…

body back heart not to retreat, as the chairman of the board, Mr. Ma will still be in ali knocked at any time, he also will be very busy, wait a minute, after retirement, he has failed to fully “redeemed” success? To negotiate with yahoo share repurchases five or six years, Mr Ma is the most need to beat is my heart magic…

when ma was kidnapped, it aroused his harness. He said his management and leadership is one of the best in Chinese entrepreneurs, “just didn’t see it, think I will say only that”…

low ma said he and alibaba are “merit”. “I think that alibaba is the most proud thing is 60 s people today can retire, people to be leaders in the seventy s, eighty s and eighty s people do a line, few companies in China can do this.” But he has his concerns. “How do business development, I don’t worry, I was concerned about the company how long the idealism color can go, how far you could walk.” ……

identify multiple side ma, perhaps can make us to re-examine the brand s business spirit, we too entangled short-term corporate interests and by hot trend of the Internet, they forget the business should be rooted in a wider social background and shoulder more of the mission.

about retirement

wang: when the breeze pure Yang retired river’s lake, because there is sorrow or he who sees through the world of mortals, you don’t have any sorrow or wise?

jack ma: it’s he who sees through the world of mortals you won’t into an empty net. I often go to temple, the greatest pleasure is to try to convince those monks secularization. I said he who sees through the world of mortals living practice, the gang is brokenhearted, and bankruptcy, and why, go to the temple, bodhisattva to confuse you in the past, a bunch of hatred male hatred women over there. So, you really he who sees through the world of mortals is to see through life. Basically, each of us has our own blessing and blessings. For ali, we is a good company, I ma lifetime to cherish the blessings.

wang: only 49 years old for the rest of your life?

jack ma: at least, before I think the art is very good, really good. Do you want to know these things, for this blessing is better, then you have a way to give more people to the blessings, rather than for yourself. I talked about in the company as an example, a man pick up a piece of gold, you hide it in the home, all people caring you that piece of gold, it is not safe. You’ve broken the gold to you, everyone has a, you can be a little bit bigger to stay no problem.

everyone told me that Chinese enterprises entrepreneurs can’t retire, everyone thinks enterprise cannot leave yourself, this with son leave myself what’s the difference? Leave your a son, son is not wrong, you are wrong. If you really love the son, should let it independent at an early age. Ali is different from other companies, is we spent a lot of time in leadership management. Ali now there are a lot of company, but our management thinking and methods in China is very unique.


wang: what is your parting words?

jack ma: I haven’t leave.

wang: after May 10, for example, in terms of internal.

jack ma: you said “don’t”, I just feel that someone else can do the work better, let them make mistakes and let them to try. I have another kind of heaven and earth, there is another kind of life, otherwise this lifetime can only do this work, the silly. I actually have been very comfortable, worked as a teacher, did a lot of work, I this work is very long, do the Internet for 14 years, then don’t have much time. The group said that day, we don’t have a lot of time. I was running out, I told all entrepreneurs, you do business of gold time was running out, there is little time for you, don’t have a lot of opportunities. If to others, your time to come out, others also many, full stay here full scrap on your hands.

wang: what are you busy will mainly, what, or play care about?

jack ma: play life, busy life, I was the only living well, I believe that my colleagues will be better… After May 10, first rest for three months, three months later I’ll consider doing things. Within three months, some favor, used to owe of this is possible, come back in three months planning a general direction, public and enterprise’s talents training these things.

wang: are you sure it today no trust of place, or even one day come back?

jack ma: what do you think I don’t trust what? What do you think of yourself you must be relieved?

About great

wang: how difficult become a great company, great country.

jack ma: I think this is you see yourself in the great, is very difficult. Who’s that? Are all people. So I think is true greatness is ordinary, ordinary is the most great. Ordinary is not necessarily a really great, but the real great must be ordinary. Actually when his plane on the roof, you feel tired, what are you going to the standard, a few years ago, the godfather and moral models, who who who? Isn’t it? We want to understand oneself forever where you come from, where to go.

wang: many people feel that you have mastered some true through, from the start, or say which time insight, or after suffering?

jack ma: no. I don’t know what is my true through, I’m sure no mantra. But there is one thing, this is a group of people in a special period in a special taste and special feeling. I really think ali today too know about this company, this company is really a fucking full of strange company, we cooperate with so-called team culture most interesting. Fight alone, his mother there is no useful, some people say that not a single person in your company, as if no one was far let people frighten to death, but let’s together, all seemed to make up for each other, open a useless, less a piece of total disadvantage thing. So the so-called true through actually is the common experience of our Internet, this thing can’t summary, let the people behind to summarize it. And not on the first day, if I say back ten years ago today, 15 years ago the ideal and idea… I am not too believe, like say, Kim jong UN, two years old can ride a horse, the age of three will shoot, don’t prate. You say Mr. Ma is really or omnifarious, there are innumerable version, everything must have a big conspiracy behind you, nonsense, it’s not that complicated.

about yahoo:

wang: yahoo have make you very pain? Especially in the first two years of negotiations share buybacks.

jack ma: pain, is not. This is very normal, every time is this kind of thing, talked so much too used to it. Young when we all feel a little fart big thing is very painful, but time grew to become accustomed to, because this is business. But I come later discovered, it was very interesting experience. Which talk about 7 years in seven or eight CEO thing, this is a very small capital can blow some cattle, but of course when you leave a lot of pain. We want to understand this truth, encounter any pain today, all is brag of capital in the future.

wang: this matter is settled, or in the process?

jack ma: a final verdict is solved, yahoo’s things, I think this is a good thing, because from here we get a lot, regardless of the management, ideas, technology, the understanding of multinational companies, for the future development of new products, I think ali has absorbed the nutrition it’s too much.

wang: actually appreciate this kind of pain?

jack ma: of course, that’s for sure.

about mentoring

wang: why did you can harness the complex relationship?

jack ma: which is one of my ride, I think it is a team. The second because when you know who you are, you may be able to master. We actually know who you are, these people know a little than others. We have a ideal, is the human all have ideal, right? We also pragmatic than others, we as humans. Then someone said we more cow force, we didn’t also so. Other people say we are worthless, we are not worthless. Instead it would be easy to handle, because to deal with complex, as long as you don’t go to trouble it, you take the trouble to provoke him, are you afraid of trouble, don’t go to, also don’t be afraid to trouble you. Isn’t it? You have to do it.

wang: are you in for so many years, ali’s greatest wealth is probably you know a group of the same person, then you put them into small ma that?

jack ma: don’t call set-up, the atmosphere inside, we formed a very interesting like-minded, no doubt, some of them are with constraints, some are training, some of them are deliberately, some are accidental, formed a unique thing, so ali is difficult to imitate. This is a process, like five years ago, I very care about what other people think of me, ten years ago I more care about what others think I ma right? As of today, more and more, I care about what you see yourself, care about what I bring you good feelings, rather than what you gave me good feelings, you’re good feelings have been doesn’t matter to me. Before, I still struggle, I to like you, you are to me like that? Now you do anything to me, it doesn’t matter.

about management

wang: you this years management and management, and is a paragraph?

jack ma: I think, my management and leadership has been China this level is the best, only the somebody else not to see, think I will only say, is my best management and leadership of the mouth. But you must have thought system management and leadership, no thought system of management and leadership, it is pure sucks. So, I feel proud of, I’m better than ma li and the gang will manage.

but not in the idea behind my thoughts, that is the thoughts of these people, our ancestor (pointing to the table of the daodejing) thoughts. But I like others don’t, keep pure silly again here. I also like in the west, jack Welch’s I also accept, I am very open, western Christian thought I think also pretty reasonable. Ideology I preach also but these people again, I’m just absorbed nutrition on the inside. Blow to point the mavericks said, I am the western management idea, the western management is a science, combining with management ideas of the east, the east management is based on the humanistic feelings, more like an art…

wang: you don’t care about in the era of mobile ali WeChat such products?

jack ma: care about again how? I really want to care about a, care not to come out, right? I really want to care about out, is also concerned about one or two WeChat out, actually I don’t care, I really want to care about, is useless.

about the future

wang: in five years later, another young entrepreneurs ask you, let you talk about the future advice?

jack ma: you let me talk about the future, I am meeting some life attitude, the law of life, but not when it comes to your industry and enterprise. Development of cars in the future? Where do I know? But there are laws. So this is my personal interests.

wang: today can say ali’s future be? Do you think that people would believe today?

jack ma: the future of ali today think of the countless people more than us. Someone said that alibaba will become how, some people say that what will happen to ali’s financial, at this time of the ali is don’t need to talk about the future, steadfast, no one to talk about the future when we talk about the future, when everyone’s talking about the future you will come today. nullnullnullnullnullnull