Navdy, give your car plus “clairvoyance” and “clairaudient”

hunting cloud network reported on August 7

now, there’s nothing better than having a head-up display (HUD) more’s vision. With that, the information you need will be in the form of a minimalist, like appear out of thin air in front of you, and pleasant glow of light. With it, you are on the way to the grocery store will be agreeable to space travel.

since HUD can be used in military aircraft and automobile manufacturers has for years been trying to make a point. HUD is born with the tall hat “luxury”, but you can now in some economic car dashboard found their simulation part of the figure, such as automobile odometer and fuel tank liquid level position. Developers are trying to the phone application displays in the central console of touch screen, and direct voice control these programs. If you already have a car, but also want to have a HUD? If you don’t want to use the secondary market of touch screen replacement stereo system?

to belong to your “clairvoyance” and “clairaudient”

a startup called Navdy from San Francisco are trying to find solutions for the above situation, this is what many customers the problems facing with the old car. Now, only $499, your car dashboard can leap to upgrade for the top products with HUD, it can show you the key information, such as navigation and caller id. It has a built-in infrared cameras and microphones to identify your gestures and voice command, so, you don’t have to take out a cellular phone from his pocket and can control everything. It can adapt to all kinds of models, the image of “clairvoyance” and “clairaudient”.

Navdy sell will let you see the great potential of some applications in a certain environment, these things you cannot directly obtained from the smartphone. If you are ready to turn, the phone call came, Navdy will automatically skip this message for you, so you will not miss a turn, don’t let the phone interferes with your navigation instructions. This rule also applies to text message and email. Whether which applications have a new message, the system will automatically pop-up prompts on the right, cars drive will still be held. Speech these messages if you want, you just need to send a voice commands or make a gesture.

system in the three main gesture control voice calls, text messages, and voice search. If someone calls in, you only need a thumbs-up can answer the phone. Text information is a little different with this operation, it is ok to users with finger sliding sideways, as if in the air for the phone to unlock, slide the same gestures, but in the opposite direction) show that started a search from your phone. All of these tiny movements will be installed in the front of the infrared wide Angle camera to capture.

since found that cell phone use inconvenience in the car, the chief executive of Navdy Doug Simpson and his team have to study this project will nearly two years. Usually, they have two choices, or to connect to the integrated system make it button, or touch screen is attached to the dashboard. However, he thinks that these two kinds of vehicle information solutions are not safe, because both need drivers move away from the road.

Simpson said: “we tried to fundamentally reshape the application using the interface, the HUD is the key… Roads and Windows are within your field of vision, we as long as the application of embedded LCD technology, you will be able to magically from outside the windshield to see all the information you need.”

basically, Navdy is a small Android robot

basically, Navdy with embedded thermal battery is a small android robot, so in theory you can make it on your windshield “freedom of action”. In addition, since 1996, each car is equipped with electronic controller, and Navdy hardware equipment is energy from the electronic controller. You can also use the USB adapter plug it into your car DC plug. Navdy at the top of a mini projector, projector by reflector will reflect the image the transparent display. Between the projector and focusing system intentionally the six feet apart, because Simpson, think this is people naturally look at the distance of the wind deflector when driving.

Navdy design concept is completely different, and the current mainstream products such as CarPlay of apple and Google inc. ‘s Android Auto. Although these products can also use acoustic control, but in fact they focus mainly on the application, because their products are currently only touch on the touch screen operation in the dashboard. Navdy, by contrast, can be connected to the iPhone or Android mobile phone via bluetooth, and mini projector will become operational by hardware in the dashboard, so as to provide effective information to the driver. When not connected to the smartphone inserted the Navdy electronic controller, it can also show some basic data information, such as speed odometer and so on. Of course it’s only one thousand, because the developers have never considered people will use it in this way.

unfortunately, we cannot predict this product will be studied to what extent, also can’t predict it will end in what form is used by the people. Company is now showing off to the media is not installed in the car is finished, just a test sample. Simpson said, when production is finalized, the production quantity will be very few. Because the company to ensure that the product’s unique, to prevent possible plagiarism by competitors, generic. We watched the interface of video, but have never seen actual cases to notify the carrier or the navigation application shot out, these are still in development.

the first version of Navdy today to book and the raise stage price is $299, and by the formal delivery as early as next year, is expected to price for $499. Navdy at the top of the dashboard has an interface that divine energy and use the magnet, so that every time to restart when you don’t need to plug in the power or reset. Simpson says he hopes to those who live in the suburbs and have a private garage owners can keep system connected, because when the system is not used temporarily, Navdy can rapid separation and fill most of the locker.

it is hard to ensure that the product after making success has also been without risk, and even always abide by the law. There is no law banned HUD, only products can not hinder the driver line of sight. Many car manufacturers have begun to apply HUD, Navdy also has become a symbol of progress. These manufacturers including audi, BMW, and general motors, Mazda and Navdy similar, they would use the projector light transparent tablet or windshield.

law is only limited to sticker with tinted Windows, the HUD is invalid

Simpson explained: “this is just a transparent image, it will not hinder your line of sight. Now the law is only limited to sticker with tinted Windows, the HUD is not.” “Navdy hope highway traffic safety administration will eventually admit HUD is a good thing, because the driver you don’t have to move away from the diverse road for desired information.

Navdy is not the first to put the parts market HUD smartphone applications access to the company, but it is likely to be the first to realize the idea of the company. A company named Next (don’t to Steve Jobs and apple company in 1996 to buy the company confusion), is studying, its principle is by a transparent organic light emitting diode (OLED) reflect Android device back to the middle of the windshield, and it also support gesture and voice control command. However, the company all the raise money fail. Even so, it is still open to booking a $399.

Navdy also joined the small amount of other products of HUD, one comes from Garmin. The product, after connect the smartphone or GPS navigation information with vacuum fluorescent display show. However, this product need you to stick a windshield reflective film. There is an advanced HUD visor, technology. This product is mainly aimed at the Japanese drivers, the product the screen under the driver’s shadow.

Not yet sophisticated enough


before Navdy officially released, we still have a lot of work to do, of course we want to do is much easier than product development. Although the company intends to nationwide sales of the products, but at first, the product is only English. In addition, mobile phone and Navdy itself with the software is also a big problem. Product release, it will use Google maps, and early users can only see the estimated time of arrival and the basic information such as location, the next corner and not Google vivid live traffic on it. Simpson promise this situation will be improved gradually. At the same time, he also hope to Navdy compatible navigation application, in line with the transfer of mobile phones data and use less as far as possible the principle of power, maximum use of display. In addition, Simpson and Navdy company promises to want to early users to provide a series of software update to improve the performance of our products.

Simpson declared: “we believe that this is the first time in history will HUD and gesture recognition technology integrated products. Even more exciting, it is a sale on the market can completely for car HUD product. In the process of research and development, we need to put a lot of parts together into a piece. Formal these together to create the magic.”