Naytev, for clients to create social media propaganda position on the “SEO”

digital publishers are increasingly dependent on shares content of social network like Facebook and Twitter to lead readers to visit their website. Naytev hope through to the brands of title, and image optimization, social media information communication effect to increase the share of the content.

in the past, most publishing company focused on increasing their share in on their social network capacity, and hire more social media experts to help them to attract visitors. But Naytev USES a “bottom-up” approach, using a by its founder, nicknamed the “weird wizardry” method to ensure that the reader will share articles on Twitter or Facebook, provide links to the reader can get more clicks.

Naytev through in a few different versions of tweets on the title and image test, to complete their goals.

the platform also allows published writers to write their own header options. And then, users per share a tweet, Naytev will share a different option. In after a few tweets are Shared, Naytev will use those who get more click on the title and pictures.

Naytev, co-founder of Zack Liscio said, as more and more people choose to read news on mobile devices, this technology will be more important to the content provider.

Liscio said: “with the gradual decline in the importance of search, social will become even more important. Social networks will become the main base to attract readers.”

this feature will not only by attracting the reader’s friends and fans to increase website traffic, it also helps publishers to adjust their tweets in order to get a better response in social media. Publishers can see which version of the tweets can get the most traffic and orders, then put the hair in the official account.

Liscio said that the company has been cooperation, and several major publishers including the Wall Street journal’s MarketWatch and tiny world Magazine. He also mentioned that most used Naytev company experienced a 30% surge in traffic.

Naytev four founders to build the company a good development environment, in their in the spring just debugging good just a week after the first code is gaining the support of the Y Combinator. Liscio once at Google, and participated in a few to start the project. Patrick Costello once in Energy and several start-up companies doing important work, and Edward Ridgely came from the help plan. Michael Seid after he encountered in journalism development bottleneck to Naytev, is also an NPR employed engineers.

although the Naytev main interest is in cooperation with publishers, but Liscio said, also applies to any desired by the medium of social media to get information. The company’s strategy may be the next to enter politics, they have begun to cooperate and a political party to test the product.

Liscio said: “I am quite sure, in the 2016 election, using Naytev parties will probably win.”

Naytev incorporates several main content management system, including WordPress, bursts, Drupal and Squarespace. Liscio said that the platform can also be applied to the traditional web sites.

registration is free, which makes Naytev since June launch test version is received numerous small publishers. Naytev also provide some companies charge extra services, these services include additional analysis, customized brand and promotional Suggestions on Facebook.