NBA star “small melon”, “doing nothing” for the vc

a few days ago, NBA star carmelo Anthony recently established joint venture company with people.

with Anthony personal sensitive grew up on the latest technology development trends and the called M7 Tech Partners, venture capital, the future a period of time will mainly support digital new media, Internet start-ups in aspects of consumer products.

carmelo Anthony play in the NBA, the New York knicks fans in China because it has a charming smile, and affectionately referred to as “small melon”. Anthony pointed out that grew up new technologies related to science and technology industry is very sensitive. He likes those amazing wearable devices, and argues that the Internet of things will be the future of the world development.

although just set up soon, the vc has already invested in children’s early education Hullabalu interactive applications.

basketball star do vc crossover, actually is nothing new. Previously, Steve Nash, Damon stoudamire, baron Davis, such as the NBA star, have become a investment company. Obviously, the rapid development of Internet technology, has attracted more and more “doing nothing” warriors, the gold grade toilettes journey.