Net in China: “giant” of the speed increase, the actual speed of “dwarf”

‘s, according to the global average speeds are sustained steady growth, 1.8% higher than last quarter, 24% more than last year, reached 3.9 megabits per second. ‘s just released the first quarter of 2014 the Internet status report. According to this trend, the global average connection speed will eventually be in the second quarter reached 4 MPBS broadband threshold.

we see from the graph, China’s average speed of 4.8 Mbps, speeds higher than the global average. Although 57% speed growth in China, and South Korea, the United States and even countries such as Ukraine and also there is a big gap compared.

South Korea is still far ahead in the speed, up to 23.6 Mbps, increased by 8% in the last quarter, faster than Japan ranked second for 9 Mbps, thus achieved since the last quarter of 2013 the growth rate of 12%. From years of year-on-year growth, South Korea showed remarkable growth rate of 145%.

in addition to Japan, speed in Latvia and Finland quarterly growth rate is over 10%, 15% and 15% respectively. However, ranked eighth in the Czech republic slight quarter fell 1.9%.

‘s it involved 98 regions in the world, in the first quarter of the average speed is faster, a total of 39 countries reported growth of 10% or even more than the last quarter, the growth rate of 0.3% to 77% of Sudan from Holland (up to 3.2 Mbps). But the other 39 countries during the quarter average speeds have declined, France, for instance, has fallen by 0.1% (now 6 Mbps), Nepal has fallen by 28% (1.1 Mbps) now.

at the same time, global high broadband adoption (faster than 10 MBPS) more than 20% for the first time in this quarter, more than 9.4% over the last quarter. South Korea is still a high broadband usage most populous country, 8.2% more than last quarter, more than three-quarters of the request’s into a period of speed 10 MBPS. ‘s note, one thing is amazing: high broadband usage unexpectedly a 1208% increase in Sudan.

however, the peak of the global average connection speed, which is in a specific geographical location can be’s search for past all special TP address maximum speed of measurement of the mean, represents the network connectivity. Dropped 8.6% in the first quarter of 2014, now only 21.2 Mbps, returned to the biggest growth in the last quarter.

the report in the new place is’s somewhat contains countries with “support 4 k video” speed. It infer has higher ability of 4 k is what parts of the connection speed so that more users can connect without difficulty with streaming 4 k.

in the first quarter of 2014 only 11% of the world’s connection speed to 15 MBPS or above. South Korea is leading at the rate of 60%, become one of the countries support 4 k.

as for the mobile, in 56 countries report contains, South Korea dominated the first at an average of 14.7 Mbps connection speed, it has to do with it of its status as a country with the fastest average speed. South Korea is also the only one moving average connection speed over 10 MBPS broadband high threshold, however, there are 20 countries Internet connection between 4 MBPS and 10 MBPS.

all listed above the national average connection speed is above 1 MBPS, which at the bottom of Argentina.

‘s statistics also showed a broadband application, refer to the mobile connection speed more than 4 MBPS. Ukraine’s mobile broadband application level is the highest, and it’s 89% of the mobile connection rate, at speeds above 4 MBPS.

in the previous report,’s cited the Ericsson mobile traffic data collection, the data contains more than 180 countries, and a network of representatives of more than 1000 customers. You can see from this, the data communication momentum fierce growth slow and voice communication.