Netease chief editor Zhao Ying departure, deputy editor-in-chief, included temporarily take over the job

hunting cloud network on August 6, message

netease vice President and chief editor Zhao Ying internally issued an open letter, today announced the outgoing, the work will take over by the deputy editor-in-chief, included.

the data shows, ms Zhao Ying join netease company in September 2005, has served as director of netease fashion center, vice chief editor, editor in chief, portal, and promoted the netease portal, vice President, service netease company nearly nine years.

the following for the inside of a Zhao Ying farewell letter:

theme: farewell gratitude and thanks to

you kiss, because some colleagues did not participate in the site of the Seoul meeting, here, I’ve come to make sure and everybody say, due to personal reasons I have already put forward resignation to the company.

this is not an easy decision, but also to think for a long time, the main reason is that he has no desire to live for a long time in Beijing, I think I should also be at the right time to plan the life path. Maybe it’s a really wonderful work decision, but no one can be replicated in life, each person’s life need to explore, netease is the most reluctant to everyone, I often envy and fantasy, oneself can has a gift for you all, but I can do, only is – better myself.

I university graduated lines, I’m thankful, from the southern metropolis daily, has been to netease, I have the best media in this era of learning, growth, development, since I was young and I have no ambition in this respect, but karma, I think I’m doing media, fit, love it. All the spread of the revolution is because of the change of the medium, at the time of the traditional media, maximum limit approximation the news truth, is the highest ideal of universal value, and in fact, the development of science and technology, the Internet enterprise research on the demand of users, and product innovation, provides the real for the spread of higher quality and tends to infinite. I am very grateful to, netease to give me a perfect stage, netease news today the client is one of the most influential media in China, I’m really looking forward to friends to consolidate the advantages, continuous innovation, provide users with more valuable, more convenient, more news and information services. I believe, have attitude smart portal will bring Chinese society continues and meaningful change.

thank everyone in this company, there are many in the day before in the meeting thanks one by one, please believe that I won’t forget, these nine years, and you together, is happy, process has always been the pursuit of my biggest harvest. Then I will turn to annual leave mode, according to the arrangement of the boss, the transaction will take over from Mr Chen, no matter when and where I am also very happy to provide advice to the development of netease portal at any time and power, thank you!


Zhao Ying