Netease cloud music app Jing ding said no one can transcend of two years

on May 22, netease cloud music release its version, netease CEO ding lei called it “the most amazing mobile music APP,” and said “no one can go beyond two years”. Netease cloud music app has a huge number of hd video, exclusive private radio after 100 netease cloud music team after a year of time at a cost of tens of millions of originality. Once launched, the ding is on his blockbuster netease cloud music private account is recommended.

100 music originality creating stunning quality team Ding pushing

good to catch user requirements of netease cloud music one hundred team used the “big” advantage, ingenuity and make the version of the user experience. Netease cloud music ‘s function of new MV, huge amounts of high-definition video all can play at will; And netease cloud music songs sound quality in more than 320 KBPS, these were all higher than 1080 p MV. In fully make high quality sound quality at the same time, the MV also achieve optimal quality.

netease cloud music app in addition to the popular music video, the latest MV, MV cloud music charts, concert video, etc., there are numerous netease exclusive recording star video show, a user ‘s can be used as a private studio or super KTV.

another it is important to note that the function of “private”. Netease cloud music mobile phone version of the “personalization” that has experience exclamation: “this is how powerful algorithm? Recommended song for my cup of tea, like on my brother and I love to me to sort out the library together!” It’s better to be the version of the “private”, in addition to the recommended song especially for stomach, users don’t like the style of never come, if the net friend to experience might say again “on my brother and my first love with library, is the most moving, they still made my enemy, please reverse choice!”

in addition to the MV and private radio stations, mobile terminal keeping all other popular function, such as the big favorite playlists, DJ show, etc., in addition, the team also open according to the equipment performance, iOS, user habit has carried on the deep user experience innovation, such as: interface flattening, gestures to convenient and practical, radio, songs, music and so on clear, freedom to switch interface, make netease cloud music perfect the adaptation of the first music sharing APP.

interface compact lower operating “friction”


excellent product interface has always been one of the features of netease cloud music, s appearance is more. Concise design, integration of the white mass-tone interface module and single function is very powerful; Interaction design limit flattening, user level to streamline operation, minimize each operation “friction”, let the music enthusiasts to get more smooth music experience.

music enthusiasts in the acquisition, collection, sorting, and listen to music when get more fluent music experience. In the circle of friends at the same time, the user can also focus on the trends, real-time communication with friends, sharing good music, leverage information circulation, improve the user in the platform of the sense of belonging.

as early as in netease cloud music first iOS version online, there are a lot of netease cloud music super user calls the version. The ding personally supervise the manufacture of “the most amazing mobile music APP” present perfect experience and audio-visual feast, should can be used as give users the best feedback.