Netease cloud music shang wenjie tsinghua campus visits into the campus talk to youth

the evening of April 14, “netease cloud music? Campus music Open Day “game 2 of the series of activities was held in tsinghua university. “Electronic music queen” shang wenjie as a special guest with “my student age” as the theme, and present many fans to share their stories when I was a student.

as hunting before cloud network coverage, as “netease cloud music school Open Day”, focusing on “high grade” atmosphere, have, adjust attitude. Purpose is not just for a little installation quantity (the main online promotion), but rather through face-to-face communication and present music to sustain feelings, after all, college students are the biggest single consumer crowd music. And this kind of activity, guests and topics should be fit “campus”. Shang wenjie personal traits and theme “my campus era”, almost perfectly for the breakthrough point, thus gain the scene of the excellent effect.

the fudan set language talented students, after graduation in the luxury sector, then resolutely give up high-paying career, to female stage quickly, and won the champion. In singing career lows, fashion, and in a controversy, gradually to prove himself, eventually with stunning performance in electronic music, truly become a respected singer. Shang wenjie this continuous struggle, indomitable, stubborn temperament, very accord with the theme of youth, her story and life can ignite students emotion.

in the “netease cloud music, music campus Open Day” activities, shang wenjie to open up, and everybody together recall the student himself. A famous piece of small Whitney on military training performance? Houston, a record high last in or near but eventually admitted to fudan short hair girl, majoring in French but have a special liking to Chinese students with excellent grades…

in addition to the student to share the story of The Times, shang wenjie also tells his fate with electronic music, recommend to friends, a group of their own electronic music and musicians, and is the subject of my student days, interact with fans and answered all the questions. Enthusiasm fans present to express their idols for love, even devote little habits of life are like the palm of his hand, shang wenjie was moved. As the organizers of this celebration, netease cloud music also for fans to attend the day interesting interactive activities and generous gift.

under the strong demand of fan, shang wenjie two songs sang her final belief “and” more love more understand, before the two songs is by determine the fans want to hear the music at the scene.

although the event is held in tsinghua, but the site has students from Peking University, Beijing language and culture university, there are even students skip class to changping district. Before netease also in the form of a Banner in cloud music app promotion notice the activity. To netease cloud music penetration + star itself motivating can guarantee the hot atmosphere and communication effect.

besides made many activities before the 2014 annual “netease cloud music school Open Day” will also hand in hand to Chen, xiao ke, Jeffrey, big star entered zhejiang university, sun yat-sen university, wuhan university and other colleges and universities. Netease music, senior director, said wang lei want to netease cloud music as a platform, help music lovers find good music, to bring more good music to life of the masses.