Network news aggregation BuzzFeed 50 million financing again, valued at $850 million

on August 11, according to the New York times, one person familiar with the matter, BuzzFeed just acquired prominent silicon valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz’s $50 million (RMB 310 million) investment, valuation of about $850 million (RMB 5.23 billion).

about this news aggregators BuzzFeed three basic understanding:

1, BuzzFeed flow rate is very high, the user an average of 150 million per month.

2, a large amount of content list is BuzzFeed characteristic, also attracted a considerable part of the user for it.

3, BuzzFeed and other “ambition”.

the question now is in the transition of media empire, BuzzFeed can maintain the flexibility of startups. BuzzFeed co-founder and CEO of jonah? ? ray (Jonah Peretti) said, “with the development of the company, how can we keep the entrepreneur enterprise culture? Hollywood film and television company or a media company could operate like startups?”

this is ? diligent direction of the ray’s will. BuzzFeed will be announced on Monday local time, the company will use the new money raised to complete some “big”, including the launch of new content channels, within the company to create new technology incubator, acquisition, to the video business departments BuzzFeed Motion Pictures into more resources.

goal: try more new feature

BuzzFeed founded in 2006, initially mainly provide blog content. But in recent years, traditional BuzzFeed added more content, including breaking news and in-depth analysis of the article, and try to fused the two parts of the business in a web site.

? ray’s pointed out that the BuzzFeed different from competitors, is their mastery of technology. BuzzFeed has about 550 employees, in via mobile devices, as well as Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites released its list of particularly successful and content.

? ray, a photo sharing site Pinterest to BuzzFeed “Life” (Life) channel traffic than Twitter. According to BuzzFeed, social networking sites accounted for 75% of the recommended flow.

will join BuzzFeed Andreessen Horowitz general partners of the board of directors Chris? Dixon (Chris Dixon) said, “we believe the BuzzFeed was more a technology company. It embraced the Internet culture, first for mobile and social networks to optimize the technology and content.”

BuzzFeed encountered the same problem with traditional publishers, the traditional Internet advertising prices fall for years. In order to maintain growth, the website must either maintain the stable and sustainable growth, traffic or innovation, into more profitable new areas, such as native advertising and video.

the most revenue from BuzzFeed BuzzFeed Creative, the department responsible for the customer to make video ads and list style. ? ray did not disclose details of the data, but said in the first half of this year revenue is twice a year earlier. Dixon, it was estimated that this year’s BuzzFeed revenue to tens of billions of dollars.

in addition, a media company Vice “by providing a similar mixed content has been a success, within the advertising department has quite high proportion in the revenue.

reliance on social networking sites

some analysts say, has relied on social networking sites get traffic is a major disadvantage BuzzFeed. The Washington post in 2011 released Social Reader application, users can read, share in Facebook’s News Feed its content. Initially, Social Reader for the Washington post has brought a lot of traffic. However, because users complain are associated with friends reading content “junk” notification of harassment, modified the News Feed Settings, Facebook Social Reader traffic has reduced.

a market research company Forrester analyst nutter? Mr Elliott, Nate Elliott said, “if Facebook decided to modify the algorithm tomorrow, these publishers will soon be finished. They have their own destiny the whole to other companies.”

BuzzFeed not he created the first media company, he also with arianna? Huffington (Arianna Huffington), venture capitalists Kenneth? Tetra pak (Kenneth Lerer) founded The Huffington Post (The Huffington Post). The huffington post mainly through Google get traffic, in 2011 for $315 million (RMB 1.938 billion) sold to AOL. Tetra is BuzzFeed co-founder and investors, will soon become executive chairman, more actively involved in company operation.

also helps to reduce more involved BuzzFeed dependence on social media. Goal is to make video programmes BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, is committed to independent first release video content, video content published to, YouTube, and other digital platforms. But the BuzzFeed Motion Pictures may also make total length of the film and television programmes, cooperate with traditional Hollywood film and television production company.

BuzzFeed plans quickly to enter the international market, this year in Japan, Germany, Mexico and India open division. The international market has become the main engine of BuzzFeed user growth.

BuzzFeed future may not be on the website. BuzzFeed Distributed as a sector, composed of 20 people, such as other platforms for bursts, sets or Snapchat production content.

originally, BuzzFeed Distributed revenue does not directly bring to the company. But he said that he thought BuzzFeed Distributed will eventually bring to the company a lot more audiences, “according to the way people consume content every day, we will establish itself as a media company.” (bamboo)

source: sohu IT