“New bench” online, with the old “over” the first battle

(word/qing nan)

while he is not afraid of “thinking” the Internet, but lenovo internal change since last year the biggest, or the Internet type transformation. Big ways, from the group organization structure adjustment measure independent mobile, cloud services division, to learn the Internet marketing, emphasis on user feedback internal entrepreneurial experience, motivation, etc., have revealed that the adjustment of substantive action.

this is directly related to lenovo encountered serious condition, the global PC industry needs the overall decline is serious, mobile Internet, smart hardware system. Lenovo think into a new market segment is not enough just rely on technology, need to use the way of the Internet to develop a new battlefield, make full use of the advantages, support each other common development.

in continued to strengthen the construction of the existing system competitiveness, using the Internet tools to improve the business process, using the Internet spirit after the revolution of self, lenovo began to change into the back according to the nature of the Internet mode to establish new business stage.

on July 24, has over half a year of preparation of NBD department officially unveiled, and synchronous online Internet business platform – the “new bench”, hope with itself in the design, development, supply chain network, marketing, channel, after-sales service and other advantages to attract the general entrepreneur, so as to realize the complementary advantages and common development.

this is not only broke the lenovo had decades self-marketing used type train of thought, but a lenovo product independent research and development of original model, and other business units of the new challenge to the company. According to lenovo senior vice President Chen, NBD launch can be associated with the old “clean break”.

on the surface, “clean break” far-fetched. NBD future development will be a lot with the help of lenovo has both good support of resources, can’t do no root of wood, and the overall layout and lenovo development works. So DaTiLiang to lenovo company, real change can only start from exploration, is such a testing ground for new bench platform. From this perspective, with a “clean break” to describe is not.

under the mobile Internet, smart hardware trend, lenovo “new bench” entrepreneurial platform is the most essential point is to hustle the next wave of technology wave – the Internet of things, do the layout of the larger.

the first appearance of intelligent routing, air purifier and intelligent glasses are belong to this category. In Chen’s view, intelligent routing is the core of the future to join the Internet of things, the commanding heights of the intelligent glasses is smartphone see next. From PC to mobile phones to smart glasses, the layout of the lenovo on hardware products.

and, more importantly, the new bench platform, overturned, in fact, before the lenovo group of the new product research and development system, channel and after-sales service mode. Lenovo products completely independent development, whether it’s a piece of hardware, software, store sales and maintain their own brand products, but the “new bench” more is an open mind to take advantage of social resources.

China never lack originality, they lack is a good idea into a more products that meet the user requirements, most entrepreneurs are ideas, technology, but in the market, channel, after-sales and other serious deficiencies. “New bench” is the channels of communication association and entrepreneurs, in the process of concrete cooperation, lenovo will take ownership, set up a joint project team, and even set up a joint venture to carry out, the core is to use “user thinking + innovation” to build platform.

open means opportunity. With the aid of external entrepreneurial team of creative and technical advantages, complementary. Besides, intelligent hardware range is too wide, the reality does not allow the original only do public association fully borne by standardized products. Even the heyday of apple products is not more than 10, millet new push hand ring products of the company is the shenzhen investment company.

as a result, lenovo is not only the meaning of “new” bench platform netting part of high-quality entrepreneurs, it is important to will hold the pulse of the new technology, follow the development trend of the Internet, which provide important reference for group decision next. Besides, from the future business scale level, the hardware used in the future can be changed by the Internet, it can hatch a new association.

premise is that while the iron is hot still needs its own hard, platform to make full use of good, this is also the most difficult part, also is the new bench the key factor for success in the future.

many companies and products according to the current case, if use lenovo’s traditional thinking to run the Internet platform, the success rate is extremely low. The so-called thought is on general principles of the variable, and nothing down, nothing up.

the above mentioned “new bench” associated with the old “over” more is to look at, ideological level and rule of doing things not in accordance with the old way to go, this is a “counterculture” battle.

on the other hand, the group for the department of general direction, specific how to do let the NBD sector. This is similar to the Internet company model, cultivate rough play.

2 is white head to set the team requires all people do things with the past lenovo standards determined to draw a line, insist on the Internet never enough, so that half the team is only 13 people, makes every effort to team purity.

three is to coordinate resources, team need to external expansion. This is also the most difficult challenge, after all, the current total of 10 small department will go to a few people and docking lenovo r&d, channels, marketing, after-sales service all links. In the process, encountered difficulties and challenges.

you can see, the “new” bench is lenovo Internet operation first project, but this is not the last one, with the deepening of the lenovo adjustment will also have more next, change way or more prominent, the form will also be more bold.