New egg “crack” the blockbuster 】! New egg decay revelation: whistle-blowing culture prevails

by reporter an exclusive interview, we drew the conclusion: the new egg inside there is a whistleblower culture for a long time, and mike Chou himself on the strategy of conservative and formalism, made a series of problems eventually exposure.

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in 2013, the silence of the newegg China (hereinafter referred to as egg) in frequent negative news. In may, the egg out of the office in the city center, July was found by the media “empty”, the new egg fail news came also in such a context. The most awesome news from March 19, the new management changes from the egg statement: China mike Chou was sacked.

when we are curious about the new egg status quo, eyes were back to the egg in the story is not yet solved the mystery of: new egg central how operation? Good foundation of new egg how to miss out on these possibilities one by one?

by reporter an exclusive interview, we drew the conclusion: the new egg inside there is a whistleblower culture for a long time, and mike Chou himself on the strategy of conservative and formalism, made a series of problems eventually exposure.

decline revelation 1: strategic conservative

“survival, no measures, not to advance is to go back”, the eggs in a former executive told the world, electronic retailing managers, journalists, conservative treatment is the way mike Chou team to decline, but accelerated the deterioration of the egg.

in the egg’s long-term losses caused the dissatisfaction of the board of directors in the United States, to stop blood transfusion. Fred chang loss-mitigation requirements of eggs. Mike Chou did not put forward constructive strategies, but take a conservative strategy. But that is for electricity encourage rapid trial and error, the egg “to strengthen the management, practicing internal strength” train of thought, is just the means of making mistakes and innovation does not recognise.

the egg’s success is based on 3 c professional market focus. But in the domestic market, copying the American model of egg and gradually platform, department of B2C big run counter to the wizards, and gradually marginalized by the market. Between the self-built logistics and third-party logistics in the face of the new egg, didn’t also can effectively reduce the cost. Egg products information in detail, describe too specialized, Chinese users concerned about not professional terminology and elements, but intuitive instructions on the use of the popular price, easy to understand.

in November 2012, the world, electronic retailing managers, journalists in eTailChina BBS to meet, then the new China’s executive vice President mike Chou. Speech mike Chou proposed new egg O * O * O strategy (Online * Overseas Offline), said the Online and Offline, transnational multiplication can produce vast amounts of energy, and mentioned the new egg as the advantage of multinational companies. These views have been interpretation media as a new egg strategic transformation.

but the idea was obviously did not get ideal results in practice, according to a new egg, insiders said overseas online shopping is the worst day when only one order, finally ran aground.

before the overseas online shopping project idea, new egg also tried to do open platform, namely the inn in inn project. Project traders Xu Guobao from Taiwan, were once relatives of staff mike Chou. Employees found that Xu Guobao did not even heard of baidu, but it can get any resources from mike Chou. The inn in inn project cost, but the turnover in 10000 yuan a month, salary is lower than Xu Guobao.

2: the decline of revelation face saving, wu gaizai

in the eyes of some executives, management background of Dr Mike Chou, the new egg as the proving ground of various kinds of management theories. Early to new egg, is Mr. Ma’s speech on his desk, to manage the enterprise with MAO zedong thought, as well as the management behavior, and so on popular books, this will make the first head of indecision: it is to learn management enterprise with success?

electricity is facing a rapidly changing market, mike Chou will first templated work details. To fit the body in Canada’s new eggs, head of the China supreme, new China executive commissioner Zhou Jianjiang time, mike Chou used to convene a meeting of the each department manager in the evening, a division of a department to report to work. To prepare and the head of the department designated by mike Chou PPT format, according to the regulations of the his complex form of filling content, contains the project budget, budget, process, how many, how much, when solve the problem, at present, the future change of rules. And the PPT format is a change to change. Mike Chou even take high salary to Taiwan, please the iso9001 (international organization for standardization) trainers to design rules and regulations and forms. In mad and rigid process constraints, executives pay system and plans during childbirth, often for a long time are not issued and implemented.

are faced with the real problem, mike Chou negative attitude leads to new egg destroy rule. In the eggs in the employee’s narrative, the decline of new egg corruption is serious. Manage team is mike Chou’s priority, but he always wu gaizai.

some loopholes in the management become a hotbed of corruption. Egg processing, for example, the return order, the freight shall be borne by the company, sometimes employees just need to express a single batch can submit an expense account to the manager. To use of company resources, the cost of doing business is small to fish in troubled waters of private Courier sheet, so to submit an expense account, so do the employees can increase is less a few hundred a month, many thousands of “income”. In addition, in the purchase of commodities, belong to discount gift is not registered to the system, so are easily to resell these in fact company property. Purchasing manager of purchasing, a clearance price have a big say, corruption space is large, causing the egg “poor temple rich monk”.

this, mike Chou and ignored. Even in the face of reporting and disclosure, as long as the involved person to provide a reason, can get by in front of mike Chou. He always report to Fred chang: “the team has improved, the staff is very good.” It makes the employee produces dissatisfaction of integrity.

decline revelation 3: office politics and the whistleblower culture

it is known that mike Chou for new egg in foundry enterprises from Taiwan director of HR. Sixties and seventies of the last century, he was in the United States do engineer wang, no experience in the field of electricity. He in the egg to the good at work: the personnel structure adjustment.

at the beginning to the egg in the mike Chou, old and resources in hand, the staff is not comfortable. To many people, he initiated the personnel structure adjustment with the purpose of the subtle. To break the original organization structure, reset the hierarchy in the process of mike Chou promoted a lot of people. Someone once was processed for disciplinary violations, among them, someone has not been promoted for many years, “easy to be controlled. For bullied mike Chou’s team, holding a promotion and pay increase the power of the President is they have to compromise. After a promotion and pay increase greatly, reduce a lot of “not harmonious” voice. Of a color office politics interest exchange personnel structure adjustment, under the condition of the poor performance increased many costs, widely questioned.

a supervisor that mike Chou into the whole management team, management is not stable, feeling giving a person is likely to be as the he would leave a person’s downfall. So a lot of backbone either walk or lies down, no longer play to subjective initiative.

mike Chou past subordinate SuiLiWei served as director of personnel, high-profile, be judged as “a wrist, but not professional.” When a case is that at the end of the year awards, should have as referee for most of the awards of the personnel department. Personnel department before the annual meeting of the company, ask each department to pay bonuses overweight, you one thousand, I five hundred. Someone described: “it’s like the old days will sing, let life slip past them… “Why the personnel department for the troubled companies create a flamboyant atmosphere? Undoubtedly, further distractions.

in May 2013, the egg will be moved to jiading office, “marginalized” lead to employees, especially the loss of key employees. It is understood that the egg to the development of a mature financial manager need at least 3 years, moved to jiading, egg in five loses all the financial manager of the finance department.

in the past reports of new eggs in the process of writing, many respondents mentioned new egg in cables, MTS, department heads, etc all can write email report, these emails may direct Fred chang. When mike Chou and to report his mistakes and not as a lot of the number of cables, but Fred chang did not adopt. There’s been speculation that whistle-blowing culture for a long time, deepening the Fred chang insecurity, led him to become more and more stubborn already see, more difficult to pay a trust.

“Fred (Fred chang) trust in any executives can’t more than a year.” This is in the egg 1 sentence for many years, have also been many executives resignation certificate.

in fact, as early as in 2012, mike Chou has lost the trust of the board of directors in the United States. In July 2012, he went to the egg report rejected, after you come back to email executives said: “the board of directors, as we had expected, rather dissatisfied with the directors operating conditions for the Chinese, is not willing to listen to my explanation for market profile and our coping strategy.”

although extend the term in the egg, but mike Chou left way also become a special case: public announcement. Were passed overhead at the end of 2013, mike Chou, lost the right to manage the newegg, preliminary as responsible for logistics, general services. And in March of this year, China newegg statement: “now resign before China mike Chou, and other relevant personnel and to remove the new egg and an egg shaped thing they served as the company all the relevant position, this decision is based on its eggs in the management of the related business process management.”