New energy business civilian: from Obama dotes on a park bench

with the development of “intelligent mobile phone friendly” wave – from general electric oven to Responsive Sports gloves, can be controlled by smartphones, receiving feedback data – Boston area bench will have big “the new skills”. The area near the park some residents have started to use solar energy bench recharge their mobile devices, not only that, eventually get the environment real-time data (such as air quality and noise level).

branch of the MIT media lab Changing Environments Soofa city intelligent furniture company, plan it soon more solar bench to park in Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Company invented a description city intelligent furniture application of word: SUFA, Soofa company name is the abbreviation of the word.

Soofa efforts to make the bench as a “city water dispenser”, for the people hurrying to offer mobile devices “gas” and a great place to “meet” each other. (cloud network editor gentleman thought of hunting recently Canada the electrical design: a bus stop waiting for the bus passengers as long as the station at both ends of the positive and negative extreme is linked together, hand in hand to enjoy blowing down from above the heat; Strike up a conversation a good place for ever!)

co-founder Sandra Richter said: “these days, people don’t have much understanding of renewable energy in the perception, because people naturally ignored – they are not have a roof, is used in the places where you can’t see. We hope that by applying a number of products to the public, to change people only care about the interests of the intuitive habits.”

now, six such bench installation at different sites in the Boston area; At the same time, there are four the expected within a few weeks to carry out the installation in the future. The company existing more than 100 such solar bench gaining momentum, plan more output to follow demand.

“though investors will not easily new products, but so far we have received from the campus, education institutions, retailers, and places such as Italy, Germany and Hong Kong’s orders, so we also is looking at how to rapidly expand the scale of production.”

now city bench prices vary – some park cast iron bench cost up to $10000, while others are much lower. When it comes to costs, Richter said: “as electronics, intelligent bench the price will be a little higher, but in order to promote the use, we also very hope will product positioning in the public can accept the price.”

about a year ago, the company cooperate with Verizon and cisco came back to life, the project also fully realize commercialization; But city charge is not entirely new ideas. Street at where the central park and around Amsterdam is equipped with intelligent mobile phone charging stations, for people on the way to recharge. But, like Richter said, “can sit to charge, why to stand it?”

, she said, “young designers are willing to efforts will technology and design into the city life, this is a good phenomenon. We also are developing other intelligent devices in the application in urban life.”