New hardware industry become the new “liars staging area”

on August 13, hunting cloud network

capital was stirring. Capital attracts new hardware, so it shouldn’t come all.

in view of the market segment hardware company originally came to packaging, do a do to look for new development opportunities, it’s up. The practical crafts toys the raise, in exposure, also makes sense. But the bulb and socket etc. These products into the wireless module and a few buttons, these there is no any change on practical products, also to mix the new hardware is a bit confusing.

says the exclusive patented technology hardware, these things is just to have mature solutions to make a little modification, not their own core technology. Say novel and unique process design, support dead, that is, do a good product at odds, compared with some real creative product is not a class. Mention push by hardware software development entry ecological thinking, a lightweight function not less useful gadgets worthy of users to download an app? Finally or not be WeChat, millet, apple to regroup, to finally the role of a supplier. The meaning of them?

for rush to catch up with the trend of investors, they need to quickly penetrate into new hardware business market, then the excavated really familiar with hardware industry chain senior team, excavated technology competence (software development, hardware development, manufacturing) system development team, the most time is also a touch play GunPa in hardware industry chain marketing ability outstanding team . Such ability in the presence of a good feasible ideas, conquer technology to produce quickly, create the best software app preemption, the final promotion.

this is also a pressy is the cause of the “beat”, creativity doesn’t how line, technology, fool is quite good, the results also raise good began to “play” everywhere, not to conquer technology with patent quickly preempted market, blame is not the fast button, millet plagiarism. accumulated so many years manufacturing patent technology with what people think of you look?

now, various capable of that entrepreneurs is through a variety of bad ideas, channels, and to show the strength of their team in order to gain the attention of investors, then accumulated technical strength in wait every success.

at the same time, a large number of capable of that same local tyrants, such as those who worked as a profiteer collect rent every day, open business, hotels, massage parlors, accumulated in shenzhen, the pearl river delta has a long business contacts “native” in Beijing, are relying on their own connections to the tide of new hardware. How did it go? Don’t know.

but one thing is confirmed: the new hardware is still in its infancy, creative and practical are not outstanding, inflated prices, it is better to buy two excellent arts and crafts design. If you want to catch it with my own eyes is the local tyrants, “witness” “experience” new hardware development process, can try out.