“New model” peace to leather soufun geeks to life

Play the free strategy. Peace and good book new patterns in what place? How did he play?

according to ping an good book chief operating Alfred chuang is introduced, the online platform to build imaging day cat, “pure electric business platform. In a sale of second-hand, the housing certification work by ping an good book, buyers and sellers are no longer pay commission; For the new business, peace claims will be relying on the unique advantages docking with the developers exclusive privilege, and planning in a total of about 400 billion yuan of new homes in the size of the market, ping an good book in the second half of this year to 5% – 5% of the city, three years later to have the half.

“want to do, like taobao in the housing industry, Tmall, do a pure electric business platform, rather than a medium of information, can provide customers with the best price and the housing financial services. The future will also launch similar alipay service – “good”, not only in the second-hand housing transactions, also cooperate with peace dahua fund, financial product.

the whole house prices are about 5% of the marketing expenses, good room if the cost of this part can be saved, equivalent to 9.5 fold, so that developers don’t need to advertise to save money provides consumers with discount. We have to do is clear that it is not followed has been successful website, but to have a revolutionary innovation, take this (zero profits) mode, may not be the entire subversion, but can open a gap.”

don’t need to send in that buy a house, sellers do not need marketing fee, that is to say, in peace good book buying and selling real estate, mediation is charged will not exist, and the corresponding financial products, one-stop services, sounds really good. In this play the intermediary from trading directly to the link, then further a problem: rely on intermediary feed soufun, relocation geeks to be revolutionary.

in fact, the housing electricity have already appeared divided, a recent example is the nine mediation overnight from empty housing room source, intermediary said withdraw is empty because of the housing that has “consumption is not transparent, unilateral price increases”. Beijing business review said this is a second-hand housing intermediary means to compete with the housing electricity is behind the traditional mediation patterns in the impact of the Internet, a concentrated with electric business platform conflicts of interest.

hunting cloud network survey found that although things have in the past nearly a month, but the nine mediation still take part in the boycott mediation by the department of housing information, again it shows that the boycott of the event is still haven’t been solved properly.

and on the other side, in order not to be soufun, relocation geeks “exploitation”, mediation is also stepping up construction of information platform of their properties.

under the chaos of the real estate market, ping an will succeed in the game? At least for “intermediary pushed up house prices” this understanding, for the rush to just needed to buy a house, is all good news. Overturning the original model, it takes courage to make such a decision, ping an angry?

peace, according to official peace more than $1 the real-name registration of the customer, of which 80 million life insurance customers, the property of the customer, 20 million, 20 million credit card customers, there is 17.8% young housing needs of customers. Although there is a repeat, but there are nearly 20 million human resources, marketing, can use a peace big database for data that is different from other sites.

remains to be seen.