New mothers need not be afraid, Glow one for you as well as mothers’ social platform”

is a birth data tracking company, dedicated to those who want to provide consulting or contraception pregnancy women. It launched by iOS support — the new application. This is Glow launched the second service, for those who already pregnant mothers.

Glow one on the design and the original Glow (women pregnant fast method for information) are similar, but it specifically for his stomach has babies of women and provide guidance to the community of the communication. Glow of CEOMike Huang said that the application is created in response to those already pregnant, but still stay in the female users of Glow in the community. “Every day we receive a lot of feedback, ask, ‘I’m pregnant now, how should I do next? ‘” it is said that such a problem is to ask the most.

Glow one consists of four parts:

1. The home page – for the controls have no experience of mothers-to-be to provide professional knowledge and guidance.

2. Community – a social platform for mothers, so they are able to check and communicate each other, share photos, pregnancy when anything abnormal condition when the body can also be found in a timely manner.

3. Me – this is my mother’s personal space, they can upload their own personal data.

4. Genius – mother’s physical and mental health advice.

Huang said that so far, according to the guidance on the Glow, more than 20000 couples have a successful pregnancy. Glow team’s goal is to make the original use Glow users continue to use after pregnancy Glow one. Glow on your mobile phone users only need to download Glow one, Glow on the old data can be transferred directly. While new users need to create an account to log in. Huang is careful to point out that Glow one does not provide medical advice, but for every mothers, gestation, the application can make them rest. At the same time, participate in digital community, contribute to early detection problem, check to the hospital.

users now can be downloaded for free Glow one. And the Glow is creating Android version of the application. In addition, the Glow is also planning to research and development is suitable for women’s postpartum recovery applications.