New officer arrived, CEO of 22 mistake most easily

editor’s note: Edwin? Miller is the fourth time elected chief executive, he is a in business innovation and create a high performance team have high achievement writer. Miller according to him about the economic transformation of the public and private companies is good or bad experience, to create 9 lenses framework. This is a through to all areas of an organization to conduct a comprehensive insight into, so as to estimate and evaluate the social process of its commercial value. Including hewlett-packard, Raytheon, and George? Mason, organizations are using 9 lenses in method. This article is based on many years of industry experience summary of the miller’s entrepreneurial essence, hunting cloud network compiled for you as follows:

according to my own experience over the years, I have been in the summary list CEO pitfalls. This isn’t the profound knowledge, when you read them, some of these points may be obvious, but if you are not real experience, it is difficult to understand. So I became chief executive for the first time, I hope I can have such a list.

although this list is only for the first time to become a CEO, but people in the second, third, fourth time still can make the similar mistake.

I’m not in a particular order, here lists the CEO yi made 22 big mistake:

1. The company started in the beginning, did not establish the responsibility of the team culture

2. Only know that in your mouth, but lacks the observant eyes and ears of modesty and

3. In the work of the first three months, no major shareholders and establish a mutual understanding, trust and reliable relationship between

4. At the beginning of the company operation, excessive commitment and set unrealistic expectations

5. In has not yet on the market, business, and people have enough understanding and trust, before some decided to make a change to the

6. Chop and change, change so fast, don’t understand the market will be tempted to imitate others

7. Failure to and the company’s major shareholders and employees to establish the real company vision and strategic

8. For the past problems and solutions, complain to the board and vent

9. Unable to create a successful business model strategy and operations plan

10. Excessive blindly to hire some high skill talented person, but don’t know my really need is what kind of personnel, processes, and technology

11. Failure to give some opportunities and key indicators, failed to timely eliminate unproductive business

12. Before did not form a mature sales model, excessive recruitment and sales

13. Too much to participate in the company’s decision, is not conducive to the improvement of the company leadership ability to execute

14. The leader’s ego psychology, psychological replace servant, thus occupies the predominant thought that the CEO

15. They, or the employee or leader or manager, is no longer by self-consciousness, self-reflection and continuous efforts to improve their

16. Based on to be successful new role under pressure, they rush under the plight of suffering

17. As a CEO, they lose their balance of life. They also need to strengthen the mind, body and mind of exercise

18. He or she can’t accept the fact that none of the investors or members of the board of directors believe that they can understand, chief executive of all

19. Didn’t find some strong reliable can provide insight and accountability consultant

20. Only through the phone number and E-mail to communicate with people, rather than face to face communication with customers and personnel

21. The CEO has not been able to find a balance, or too left or right, cannot find their foothold in the team

22. Due to the expectations of success is very high, so the person is too harsh on things