New signal: tencent open platform that integrates hardware industrial chain

(word/qing nan)

during ChinaJoy “entrepreneurship? Password “tencent open on the BBS, tencent announced tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) has settled in Shanghai cross-border creative park. Mentioned open ability and entrepreneurship support policy, tencent open platform and mobile application platform, deputy general manager of Hou Xiaonan revealed to the media, the company will gradually integrate hardware industry chain services, which means tencent open strategy gradually by the network to extend to the end.

since 3 q war as the bell of tencent, which conveniently open platform strategy, launched in 2012, is now the third year. Tencent, according to official data gathered 3 million developers. By the end of 2013, a total of for third-party developers into more than 5 billion, and plans for developers to create 10 billion earnings again by the end of next year. At the same time, as tencent currently distribute tools application treasure distribution volume has exceeded 76 million, half a year growth rate of more than 50%. At the same time, application and download, the red code and self-help in quantity and so on many open ability will also continue to open to the developers access.

this is complied with the current development trend, including giants such as Google, Microsoft has begun to the opening-up strategy. In addition, under the wave of O2O, intelligent hardware, tencent company positioning this year has been restructured as “connect everything”, from the original person to spread to the people and things, equipment and scene, and investment drops a taxi, public review and a series of the company.

as a result, in the context of tencent open platform integrating hardware industry chain is more deep meaning. Hou Xiaonan told hunting cloud network, tencent will open such as chips, hardware industry chain, but did not disclose the specific measures. In addition, the new tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) focus on digital entertainment, O2O, wearable equipment in areas such as start-up, operation mode is injected down investment + incubation industry resources. Therefore, some enterprises will benefit from it.

it is worth noting that tencent their basic is not involved in hardware products, in the corresponding industry chain in addition to a stake in jingdong brought about by the sales network, the rest is not obvious advantage, it also led to a greater attention to tencent this strategy. Although ma has previously said tencent won’t cook hardware products, but under the wave of intelligent hardware, indirect investment or hatching new entrepreneurial teams or become a new strategy. Before this, including baidu, jingdong, suning and other large companies to launch measures to support the hardware start-up team.

in May this year, tencent open platform has announced the release of intelligent open hardware platform based on open QQ account system to tencent’s social relationship chain, location information, mobile payment and cloud storage resources, to help developers create build its own intelligent hardware products. So far, the platform specific form, function are also in the pipeline.

in addition, WeChat also launched earlier intelligent hardware interface, the first access products including bracelet, intelligent products, such as watches, with the increasing popularity of wearable devices, extending their social network. And this with the above mentioned hardware development platform based on OO account system. But to be sure, tencent open platform belonging to SNG (social network business group), namely the QQ group, and WeChat now is with SNG parallel separate divisions.

but from the top, you can see that tencent integrated hardware industry chain should be intelligent hardware development platform of grand strategy. But how to woo, stimulate the real developers to create more suitable for user’s intelligent products, hunting cloud network will continue to observe.