New trend: mobile phone camera manufacturer to enter the on-board camera market

vehicle camera has a high technical specifications, its market has developed rapidly in recent years, mobile phone camera manufacturers to see the business opportunities. According to Reuters, the south Korean smartphone camera manufacturers are a fierce offensive to the car camera market, to alleviate the influence of the global mobile phone sales slow growth.

Mcnex is Korea’s largest producer of automotive camera, is also a supplier of samsung mobile phone camera. High-end cars, he says, in general, can install up to eight cameras, can visually better auxiliary parking or trigger emergency braking. If the camera instead of the rearview mirror, 12 cameras can be installed in the car.

Techno Systems Research said, if the technology was introduced to mid-and low-standard cars, car camera market seven times from 2011 increase in 2018, is worth nearly $6.6 billion.

America began in 2018 forced new car equipped with reversing camera, in order to prevent the reverse hit the pedestrians. With the implement of such provisions, vehicle camera market scale will continue to grow. In addition, similar to Google camera assembly of the popularity of self-driving cars will also push for the market demand.

“we are looking for car camera explosive growth in the market.” South Korean auto parts manufacturers modern is (Hyundai Mobis), a senior research engineer Lee Hyo – cheol told Reuters said.

, according to the Mcnex vehicle camera price about $32 for each, and the price of mobile phone camera just for each $4. But as the growth of the production, vehicle camera prices would fall.

but most importantly, vehicle camera than mobile phone camera more solid and durable. They must withstand all kinds of test, including can soak in water for several days, 1000 hours under the temperature difference of tests — in seconds from above 85 degrees Celsius zero to minus 40 degrees Celsius temperature shock.

Lee said: “in terms of specifications, vehicle camera and cell phone camera is completely different.” Therefore, mobile phone camera manufacturers have had to face a difficult the learning process.

, according to research firm IHS Automotive, in 2020, the car sales of cameras could reach 83 million, five times more than in 2012. , according to IDC, by contrast, is equipped with two cameras smartphone shipments in 2018, the highest growth of 6%, growth slowed significantly.

from apple to BMW

modern is from Mcnex, LG Innotek and Korea SEKONIX corporation purchase three major manufacturers, the assembled parking camera and then selling them to brothers, hyundai and kia cars, including modern current high-end models.

LG Innotek has been known as a apple iPhone camera supplier. Relevant sources, LG Innotek since 2013 began to discuss with luxury carmaker BMW related distribution problem. South Korea’s LG Innotek declined to comment, but BMW, a spokesman for the district to admit that the cooperation with BMW.

always Sekonix is only provided for the samsung mobile phone camera, also began to target this year to expand to modern cars, gm and other markets. The Seekonk a top also said, is expected in the current quarter, the new Volkswagen and audi or will start carrying Sekonix provide lens.

greater complexity

although the car camera market still largely confined to the high-end models, but the competition is very fierce, especially to provide complete, including lens and image sensor and circuit camera supplier.

according to HIS survey, panasonic and SONY has been leading in the field of rearview camera, Autoliv China, Robert Bosch and the United States and Germany is front-facing camera market dominance.

ihs, a senior analyst at Helena Perslow said in an E-mail, “before the supply of mobile phone camera manufacturers to enter the car market, especially for higher professional and technical requirements of front lens field, is very difficult.” German mainland barrier brake and Robert Bosch joint development of the software, but also for the complexity of the new increased greatly.

but there are still many manufacturers. To further stand firm on the supply chain, smartphone starfish optical lens manufacturers (Haesung called Co Ltd) and koren industrial (Kolen Co Ltd) will also enter the car camera market.

according to an unnamed senior personage says, starfish optical has started the first customers for their rearview camera. But koren considering the fierce competition in the market, own to join may lead to a price war, therefore koren has yet to sell the company to develop car camera.

“if we will enter into the market, they are not doing nothing.”