New York advertising startup AdNexus won a $1.2 billion valuation

data online advertising industry facing fraud charges does not affect the enthusiasm of the investors, the New York online advertising companies with more than $1 billion valuation felling just finished another round of financing.

felling in the latest round of funding raised $60 million in funding, investors are right to a public offering from Boston investment firms and asset management group, but the felling declined to disclose their identity. Felling, said the company won in this round of financing is as high as $1.2 billion valuation, making it the following the Gilt Groupe and mongo, one of the few New York startup valuations more than $1 billion.

felling before investors including Facebook early investors Andreessen Horowitz and Venrock Rockefeller family risk investment company.

as smartphones and application to attract consumers to spend more time on the small screen, online advertising sales continues to soar. But the market is very crowded, very complex, brands need to be to the fastest speed to locate their target audience. In addition, the outside world are also worried about the accuracy of the network advertising data. For example, in an advertisement of the mercedes-benz recently watched data, many are from “network robot”, rather than the real human users.

felling in wishes to purchase the brand advertising and the so-called “advertising market”, acted as an intermediary role. It through a series of algorithms to help advertisers based on real-time user behavior management bidding advertising plan, its competitors, including Google, yahoo and AOL.

according to the market research firm IDC estimates, such automation AD agencies attract spending, from $2013 in 230 million, are expected to grow to $2018 in 14 billion. Felling was founded in 2007, its founder, Brian (Brian O ‘Mr Kelly Kelly) was advertising market Right Media CTO, the latter by yahoo in 2007 for $850 million to buy.

felling platform to attract customer spending more than $2013 in 1 billion, the number is expected this year is expected to double.

“the industry is starting from a single device (PC) to a variety of devices.” Mobile advertising startup AdBrian co-founder Rashid mansour (Rashid Mansoor) said, “with a desktop heritage, like the felling platform, either from the beginning to cope with this technology, either through acquisition or cooperate to solve the problem.”

this June, felling acquired Alenty, which can measure whether consumers saw an AD, and watched how long it will take. Facebook also launched this week better tracking tool, to help advertisers to better understand the user response to the advertisement, including whether the first view an AD on a device, followed by other equipment order for goods accordingly. (sina science and technology dinghong)