Newspapers become toilet paper? Tribune with you listen to listen to the news

in the past, the use spare time reading the newspaper on your way to work seems to be a people’s habits; Now, people spend much less time may be in the newspaper. But, class! Also! Have to! According to! Sample on! So, the innovation of the Tribune company department wanted to an idea: let the driver and the bus passengers came to listen to the report – the audio version.

head of Shashi Seth said the Tribune Digital Ventures, the leading products, news Newsbeat will use artificial reading and text reading application converted voice technology to convert their reports to the audio version. From Pandora Media (foreign famous streaming radio application) pick them out, this technique can the be fond of according to user reports and other indicators of personalized treatment, even can predict how long audio needs before the destination.

with the change of the news habit, Tribune also in increasing the strength to seek more ways of attracting customers. Through Newsbeat, Tribune try to cater to people in all kinds of transportation demand of electronic entertainment products. With the smart phone operating system monopoly market apple and Google also made no effort to hide their assembly the software of their own ambitions in private cars.

who have served in Yahoo and Google Seth says: “time is quite mature. And our goal is not only the mainstream of the industry, also include the following details.

in addition, the Tribune recently from Sony acquired Gracenote imposed licensing restrictions, this already with many leading automotive systems running in the tacit understanding of music database to Tribune.

, Seth said Newsbeat application will support more than 7 every day a huge amount of news reports, respectively from The Tribune newspaper and other Times, including Los Angeles, Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, partners. The application will be sent to you by audio advertising for financial support, now be available in apple’s App Store and download.