Next year, Google will be pushed the $50 “plane”, the first free assembly of mobile phone

remember Google launched phones modular DIY Project Project Ara? Today, Google Project Ara developers conference for the first time, and announce in the next year will launch the world’s first allows the user to free assembly of Android phones – “plane” (gray phone). It is reported, it only has the basic framework of mobile phone price, around $50.

Project Ara Project belongs to in Google ATAP development team, its predecessor is a MOTOROLA advanced technology research and development department. In simple terms, the project is designed to let users like assembling computer, from the assembly of their mobile phone. However, users and developers need to use Google custom “mobile phone circuit motherboard. The “master” to provide users with mobile phones of various components of the slot, and can be fixed by electromagnet, plug fittings.

although some analysts believe Google this project is a “weird”, but ATAP project director Eremenko pointed out that within two years they will be put into practice the this ambitious project.

maybe we can soon, like to play legos, custom configuration of our mobile phone. Think of it, this is really an exciting things can’t sleep!