Nike cut Fuelband team, exit the wearable equipment market

Nike official media, confirmed that the company decided to guess Fuelband wearable device hardware team, no longer r&d wearable device hardware products in the future.

Nike cut Fuelband team this news first appeared in Secret anonymous social application, then report citing unnamed sources, said Fuelband hardware team of 70 people will have 55 people be dismissed. Nike confirmed the news, then claimed that downsizing is small, as a big company to adjust the product line is normal behavior.

Fuelband since early 2012 generations after the release of no fast iterative, update version later joined the bluetooth function, only a few other evolution. Apple also poached Fuelband, participate in the wearable equipment research and development.

give up Fuelband hardware, Nike will focus mainly on the software, such as Nike + API, let other wearable equipment makers integration Nike service; Nike was founded in San Francisco arg, Lab, help other producers to integrate NikeFuel Nike launched health detection system.

the reason why the Nike Fuelband, may come from the following reasons:

1, despite three years of effort, separate wearable device has not been widely accepted by people.

2, Nike’s close partner apple is believed to be released this year will be wearable equipment products. And apple iPhone through coprocessor movement tracking function is realized. Rather than compete with apple, transformation of software.

3, the hardware design of the top for a consumer electronics company Nike high is a difficult challenge. With its own production, to let other companies, Nike need to offer the soft services.