Nintendo closed: Taiwan subsidiary or because of financial situation worse

, according to the NeoGAF Taiwan subsidiary of Nintendo Nintendo pu day (Nintendo Phuten) will shut down this year at the end of may, and the company all staff will leave before the end of this month.

nintendo pu day is a little-known nintendo subsidiary, is mainly responsible for nintendo game hardware and software sales in Taiwan. Nintendo pu day in Taiwan and in the future, the business will be turned over to the nintendo company in Hong Kong, the company will be responsible for the sales and distribution of local products in Taiwan.

nintendo, chairman and general manager of the pu day mountain Tian Zhe also

at the beginning of the year, nintendo has announced that in until December 31, 2013 for the fiscal year in September, before the company’s operating loss was more than $15 million, and the game host the Wii U dismal sales performance also let nintendo have to slash fiscal revenue forecast.

although the company’s financial situation is likely to be the nintendo Taiwan company shut down one of the reasons behind, but nintendo has not been as heaven pu day closing details reveal any information. Nintendo pu tiancheng in January 14, 1991, it has been 23 years, the company’s name is derived from nintendo pu within the late former President mountain.