No longer love qualcomm, red rice rats for millet has solved the big trouble

hunting cloud network on August 5

if xiao yun called meters 4 meters 3 a 3 s or m, believe that most readers won’t have any objection to this.

will be a “born to fever” as their slogan slogan (brand) of mobile phone company, but finally launched a software and hardware are no bright eye upgrade the product, but on the other hand, this shows the company stand on the strategic choice of the intersection.

millet standing in the market caused by new technology, ecological upheaval, tough game again.

but is good this time millet have huge brand influence and stable industry chain , as well as the national policy, antitrust momentum is good.

concrete, is the :

millet faced with 4 g, 64 – bit processors, fingerprint recognition of these important ecological and upgrading period show the weakness of the accumulation of technology;

millet and qualcomm cold core component, patent technology brought by the cooperation of obstacles, to know the qualcomm controlled supply of 4 g technology;

millet to better relations with foxconn, foxconn’s reputation and technology accumulation, make up the disadvantage products process, quality, further improve their product brand image.

millet broken first step is to please foxconn.

with the company from 920 looks like a crash of 3 m, with most good at foxconn, the highest profit metal body so as to attain the position of entry in the presence of foxconn. Now, and come up with a crash looks with apple 4 meters. And metal frame of 4 m process analysis, found with apple crash again.

iPhone6 after launch, foxconn does a lot of remaining iPhone5s production line. Technology mature, tall, production facilities, the big ye foxconn happy, that it’s good to pick up the leak.

the second step is to use their existing brand influence, the capital, to strive for their own time, playing the game.

m 3 s or m a transformed into 3 m 4, and early is only 3 g version, parameter according to drop, only the eyes to see people get on craft work. Hold up by shell, change process 1999 high performance-to-price ratio, the extra price is to rework and increase of four meters? In the millet to make an appointment for inventory control way, of course, this kind of rework should not exist.

these are the use of millet past accumulated deep brand influence, at the same time, improve the product image, help qualcomm walked, won the technology research and development time, on the other hand also m 3 left a lot of living space (Michael these days already power meters 3 “second spring” propaganda).

the end in terms of product technology to work for 4 m such a metal frame with apple, samsung, MOTOROLA cross back cover boutique, on all can see craft work did acme, far to catch up with the some international brand’s flagship product. however, thanks to foxconn strong manufacturing strength, and USES the mature technology, reduces the production difficulty.

the third step, red rice series do technology, ecology, is also the important bargaining chip of game .

red rice series before long will also upgrade support 4 g, there is no technical difficulties, and is before 4 meters.

just said millet technology is still in accumulation is insufficient, it is can’t do 4 g, red rice is ok? Because with qualcomm is a set of backend solution, millet just in front of a layer of the UI, and flagship series of back-end design need to be done millet himself.

series of red rice and millet game chips: to push the qualcomm QRD mid-range, qualcomm chip, providing technical support to change. Of course this also weigh the relations with mediatek.

red rice series of energy far more than these, red rice is expected to become the millet in immature technology, ecological promotion platform and plots.

with qualcomm, technical deficiency, cold war mediatek millet mobile phone one of the important pieces, the future of mediatek only willing to pay for myself, too. Millet is bound to be meet mediatek based on the desire of the super mid-market.

4 g red rice from the beginning. 64 – bit processors, fingerprint identification, and so on technical ecological will use first in mediatek’s red rice, because millet back-end hardware design strength is not enough, but still want to follow the time quickly to the market. with red rice optimization of good technology, good ecological layout, and then is used for flagship machine is the only way.

the apple is how they treat their suppliers, millet also copying, may be more malicious. Don’t forget to millet in foxconn in at the same time, also support the hi-p Singapore.

the front-end design control the back-end technology, seize the back-end technology step by step, so a model, ok?