No longer worry about weak signal, the iPhone after carrying the new iOS8 WiFi on the phone

on July 8, according to a report in the tech blog 9 to5 Mac, apple on Monday launched 8 new iOS beta beta 3, a new WiFi phone capabilities. In the future, installed the version of the t-mobile network of iPhone users can enjoy high quality WiFi call service. (this is not to say that the pure free Internet phone. Where the mobile phone signal can’t cover, wi-fi phone communications can provide a better service. It is based on wi-fi smart applications installed to your phone, again by some operators wi-fi call service, achieve the goal of communication.

this is good news. Unfortunately, most current iPhone users using iOS eight old version, they will have to wait until apple officially launched this autumn iOS8 to get WiFi phone service.

over the years, t-mobile has supported a variety of Mobile phone wi-fi phone capabilities. Unfortunately, the iPhone has not been provide this functionality. And part of the Android and Windows phone as early as in 2007 he had to support this function.

in June, apple has said it will soon be on the iPhone launch wi-fi phone capabilities.

for apple, the next step is to open the iPhone’s LTE voice calls function, namely direct voice packets are sent by LTE networks. But apple has yet to be made clear.

according to the present agreement, use the t-mobile network of iPhone users without additional procedures can directly use the WiFi phone capabilities. Wi-fi phone has better signal and the sound quality, and consume less power. In addition, the WiFi phone can also reduce the load of cellular network, thus reducing the bandwidth of the densely populated areas. (Tan Si)

source: tencent technology