No secret team new friend asked, gossip friend private side

watched gossip, human nature. Anonymous social market, early no secret to pixel level copied off the seat is in the domestic market. But there is no denying the fact that the team a powerful follow-up operations are anonymous fire burning propellant.

view is not enough, do something more exciting, imagine a scenario, when the friends around you when you can be anonymous evaluation, they will become how, later will become how do you see? No matter is good or bad, no surprise or outside. Whether the feeling is very exciting. Want to try, can try, no secret team new: friends asked.

a friend q positive orientation is to promote a application of friends get to know each other. Whatever questions or reply can choose real name or anonymously.

at present two kinds of classic game

the real impression “of” collected in friends, the user can real-name questions, reply friends choose to remain anonymous, by answering questions, get a user in real evaluation of friends heart. Anonymous can let the respondents in a relatively safe smooth ridicule or express the real scenario.

“the private problem of directional gossip friend”, the user can send a anonymous friends, is the sender real-name answer. Like a big adventure of the truth, the different is a questioner in the dark, respondents in the light from one side.

the real scenario where is it? Early, mostly in the circle of friends. When launched less popular at present, the user can share issue to WeChat or QQ, can be directly involved in the discussion, friends see and then click the benefit is that without landing (authorization required).

a friend how to, and no secret, friends from the user’s mobile phone address book, play friends ask if anyone, will automatically add a user as a friend. At the same time can also enter a user’s personal page manually add as a friend.

but the author this natural social is not sensitive to the crowd, without so many peeping desire, friends ask more is a tool, but for now, there are few people play, open or empty baba’s software. The future is more in the later operation. Published as a secret, don’t do not represent don’t see secret secret, friends ask applies, not published problems do not represent don’t look at problems.

now, friends are the main differences between q and secret: the secret is more of a spy on others, understanding of gossip. More is to know the friend asked yourself, gossip, by the way. Actually to say, people are more to understand their true, no doubt assessment at this time most reference of the outside world, asked friends want you to know more about ourselves, but also just stay in here.

a friend q

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