Nokia staff had layoffs in the secret: the morning notice to leave in the afternoon

hunting cloud network (note: this week 5 nokia Beijing e-town happened for layoff employees compensation and gathered to protest the event. Hunting cloud network editor jun to the scene that day, found the gathered crowd is gone, because nokia high-security, unable to enter the interview. In nokia squat down, an employee convective cloud network jun said, indeed because of layoffs no agreement for compensation. Today early morning, nokia people claim to be laid off in shuimu Posting, the incident is described in detail. The employee has many for nokia’s speech, the personage inside course of study.

hunting finishing point cloud network editor king is as follows:

the first: downsized workers required to N + 6, Microsoft only gives the N + 2, the union is dissolved.

The second:

notification layoffs in the morning, afternoon requires employees to hand in the computer.

the third: employees want to layoffs have a transitional period, not one size fits all.

4: cut all of a sudden, many employees off guard.

of course, the employees also poking fun at the Nokia executives, nearly three years, Nokia, almost a year, a system of typical tinkering.

here are the original article:

the author: yseternal

first said on Friday. The main reason of employees or their psychological gap between expectations and reality too far. Nokia is a genuine for employee of the company, everyone has a lot of affection for her. Nokia in recent years, there have been several jobs, cut also have 1 w, basic and plain, no one. At the beginning give up symbian layoffs, sells employees to accenture optimum, the compensation, the treatment, envy dead. Rather than waiting for year-end bonuses, or damages, such as Nokia’s conscience.

after the buyout by MS, everybody’s common mood is very heavy, no one is happy, although elop promise, 0 layoffs (when someone confronted Mr. Elop, you said can believe? Ha, ha, ha), but behind all guessed there will be massive layoffs, Nokia project X is fault. On the first Day of the Day 1 (combined) was carried out by a lot of celebrations, someone said, we should celebrate it… You never think of yourself as the staff of MS, of course, MS don’t reluctant to admit that we. All changes, that is, in a sign, the workers in a mailbox.

this is widely hope is N + 6, because according to Nokia’s conscience, the compensation should be ok. But this is dominated by MS, MS industry reputation is not very good, and good, specially invited a deal with the Chinese are very experienced people in Hong Kong to deal with us, the union continuous email tell us, are trying to negotiate, to ensure everyone’s interests. Post messages cuts over the past two weeks, MS also hide, no hair message. On Thursday, the end result is N + 2, the union said that MS attitude is very tough. I don’t know what guild plays a role, give my feeling is that the union this group of Tony, talked about a half a day, or about the N + 2, and the union of a person incredibly also said hope is a chorus of N + 2 (this sentence is my hearsay, unknown true and false, such as wrong, I apologize to the unions), the end result is all erupted on Friday, the union is dissolved.

although don’t know what will happen over there Finland, but definitely different from Beijing, only to compensate this, don’t fell out over there. May feel a lot of people, we this group of Nokia is Tony, now can’t find a job, can only be reached for the money to the company. Give you N + 2 is good, for shame! I am from graduation until now, also in several large and small companies, frankly speaking, I am the nokia deepest feelings, the most willing to for their hard work. The company culture is very good, you can focus on work, just top leaders are confused. In nokia for 10 years, 15 years, the talent fluctuations of IT industry, IT is a small miracle, I experienced a few small companies, a group of a dozen, basic walk almost two years later, IT is common for IT), the employees from the S30, S60, S40 and NG, and dry to the back of the AOL (nokia X) project, has been focused on nokia’s technology, S30, S40 those things, out of the question, want to find the answer from the Internet is impossible, only nokia reoccupy, NG platform, using the scheme of a variant of SX language, other external company has even heard of have never heard of.

a lot of foreign companies to recruit people don’t care what you do, when you care about your growth, so job-hopping or between foreign companies is better, but now mobile phone industry of foreign companies is generally not good, basic residual moto, SONY half-dead. While domestic companies are to work directly, it’s a pity that the nokia those little android experience, internal android project to do for several months, weak foundation of true embarrassed to go to the interview. And previous experience of the project, the domestic many companies is not very important, so looking for a job is not very easy, I admit it.

a small company to do things, learned a lot. Big companies write code that is not a simple light so easy, you have to write the email and others pulled to pull, conservative, write the code to go into the warehouse, too much trouble, please tell grandma grandpa have someone review over and tested to ensure no problem, see in the outside world, efficiency is very low, really really we this group of Tony in reply mail every day, but it can’t, in order to quality, in order to carefully, it tore. What company has hu mix of people, but also have cattle people, there is also a hard working person, I met a lot of people in nokia, a lot of work to 2 am, 4 colleagues!

frankly, I really hate to nokia’s top, a few years ago, the company’s internal have a vote, vote on whether to adopt Android, 78% agree! Unfortunately grass-roots staff is a group of Tony, advice was completely ignored. Completely blind in the recent years, with the numerous systems, gave up numerous system, a lot of products to the final stages of a cancel, immediately destroy all mobile phones and nima is money! Renounced, CEO of Nokia X that night, we still have the quite many people nima company for this project to work overtime, but also a predetermined weekend to work overtime! He a mail, the second day we all gave up the plan, to play soy sauce such as layoffs, it’s too bad.

in nearly three years, Nokia, a system almost a year, every year we have Training in how to write Hello world, every year to write some basic application! If is not dead, it is estimated that next year will abandon Android make Firefox OS, nima STH over and over again! Beijing research and development power, also can sell the company should make out, Beijing is 520 and the smartphone MP department, a large part of all is in Beijing, Nokia alive in recent years, nima on MP department and all NSN!

personal make but after all, I am also pessimistic about behind us. Actually about.for a lot of people, so many people looking for a job at this stage does not seek, many companies take advantage of people even dangerous driving down wages, the somebody else also right, of course), common Android experience too little, a lot of people’s idea is to hope that the company can give me a buffer period, we spread out to look for a job, just have time to study well, too. But don’t agree with MS, MS too malicious, on Thursday announced job cuts, Monday morning to inform consultant, let others pay computer in the afternoon, drive away the somebody else, even didn’t even have time to say goodbye! Many consultant colleagues come from chengdu, in Beijing rent a house in a year, nima how worried the default return a house, some people go back, directly by the original company! Well, these are all the colleagues, we fought together Nokia when done such a thing? Sad ah.

company like that, actually also is not entirely elop’s fault, he is just a CEO, to make decision by the board of directors agreed to, can only say that this group of in a hurry to liquidate shareholders greatly ah. , of course, also have a lot of senior leadership and the rest of us, have very deep feelings to nokia, a leader announced plans to cut 1 w2, wept, alas.

hope everyone colleague rights can succeed, also dare not expect employees and Finland. Let’s Chinese employees at the somebody else is Tony foreigners eyes, give you a N + 2 don’t, the court found that the N + 1 according to the law! See who takes the lead who! Let’s his compatriots are accustomed to being cut hair after treatment, so ironic, nima N + 2 is not enough, this group of mixed eat mangy dog! Fun fun!
(PS: elop got the compensation for hair don’t point to us?)

I am a nostalgic person, recently went on taobao tao a N97, nima before 270, the 87 – degree reclining at Grosvenor LTD Martian artifact in the hands of a handsome, now the price. The Nokia mobile phones Nokia (do), that I admire the company, the company, I love over, my years in Nokia, my youth, my boy (girl) heart, like reading and stirring poem, closed the book, is placed in the dark
Deep, goodbye, Nokia, goodbye, my youth.

PS: Microsoft life to black! In this life no longer buy Microsoft!

pull too much, please let me in a standard at the end of the end of this article: (almost set to ring, put in the company must be very smart)

Finland’s nokia! Finland’s nokia! The largest mobile phone company closed down!
Bastard boss elop, food and drink piao wager owed $3.5,
With his sister-in-law ran!
We have no way, with a mobile phone to pay!
The original price is more than one thousand, more than two thousand, more than two thousand mobile phone, all two hundred pieces!
All two hundred pieces!
Elop a bastard!
You are not a man! We have worked so hard for you to do the rectified, you don’t pay!
You return my money! Also my hard-earned money