Nokia symbian alive, had made millions of euros ransom for it

although symbian phones operating system would have to fall abyss, once with it of nokia also already exist in name only, but there is a old unsolved about two people, has been stripped out.

, six years ago, that is, in the acquisition of nokia symbian, a hacker organization (or individual) coerce nokia, claim to have been given a part of symbian source code encryption key. If the company doesn’t pay millions of euros “ransom”, so he will put this part of the source code to the public. If really do this, then symbian will be malicious software or program.

it is understood that nokia and meet the hackers in the central city of Finland transactions in a parking lot. Although nokia contacted the police, in the hope that the hacker can be captured on the spot, unfortunately, not only the ransom in been disappeared, and the case pending so far.

for the news, nokia official did not make any comment.

because of the lack of new technical support, market share of a shrinking of symbian. By February 2012, symbian’s global market share is only 3%, China’s market share fell to 2.4%. On May 27, 2012, nokia announced that completely give up continue to develop symbian, cancel the symbian Carla’s development, but the service will be continued until 2016.

for nokia now, what can solve the case is no longer important. Once the mobile phone industry, now Xu Shen Microsoft. In the future we will probably won’t see the nokia mobile phone brand. Times change, much transformed. Maybe in a few years can make young people understand, once had a glorious history of nokia mobile phone, only the “cold case” finally cracked.