Nokia will push “superman” ever to take the most powerful WP

according to, nokia is in the second half of this year to launch a smartphone called “Superman” (seen Superman). It is worth mentioning that, as a formal acquisition by Microsoft, launched the first WP 8.1 mobile phones, nokia has a “superman” as high as 5 million pixels front-facing camera.

nokia smartphones, especially its the company series camera, is it a big selling point. Nokia mobile phone camera hardware and software interaction, provides users with superior to other brand mobile phone. The nokia 1020, the company has a 4100 pixels rear camera.

however, even if is the company 1020 was photographed artifact, its front-facing cameras also is only 1.2 million pixels. So, nokia’s 5000000 megapixel camera, “superman” really was a nokia, which has the function of take best ever WP.

at present, the specific configuration on the phone we also is very little. Sources revealed that only nokia “superman” with a 4.7 inch screen.

this sign, the media also reported that nokia will act this year a WP 8.1 phone called “golden finger”. The greatest characteristic of the device is a function of 3 d gesture.