Nokia X: Microsoft’s acquisition after Nokia’s Trojan horse?

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with the completion of the nokia, the mobile devices unit merger of Microsoft, nokia CEO as the existing equipment, head of Microsoft elop recently in an interview with the media responded to the media for the nokia CEO secretary acted as if Microsoft in nokia’s “Trojan horse” conspiracy theory. Actually, today again go to explore whether elop is Microsoft’s Trojan has no substance, after all, nokia has acquired by Microsoft, and according to Stephen elop, nokia’s brand will eventually disappear because of the acquisition. So from today onwards we discuss is not nokia, Microsoft should be in the future of the mobile market. Especially in the future if there is a “Trojan horse”.

it is well known that one thousand yuan market, nokia has the company from selling the company 5 series of 520 and 525, the company become Microsoft and the entire series of the company the main shipments. That is Microsoft’s Windows Phone is mainly for low-end market, it from every quarter the company shipped, low-end the company occupying most of the company series market share was confirmed. To this, the industry analysis thinks, Microsoft to substantive breakthrough in mobile (smart phone) market, main low-end is the only opportunity.

we didn’t belittle the Microsoft’s Windows Phone, positioning the low-end, as long as there is enough shipments can still get high revenue and profit. Such as samsung, although it has the industry known as the galaxy s to compete with apple’s iPhone, but support the overall shipments and revenue is still mid-range models. However the opportunity with cheap custom version of Android Nokia X release and changed.

in the first place, since Windows Phone market orientation on the low side, why still need to the same location in the low-end market of Nokia X? Why don’t want to let the market through the Windows Phone platform and user experience of Microsoft’s service? Is Microsoft’s own service experience running is better than in their own Windows Phone platform on the customization of the Android platform? If so, that Microsoft really needs to weigh their Windows Phone platform and application of matching ability, and don’t question why don’t you choose Microsoft Windows Phone users. But from Nokia for Nokia application of X can be compatible with the Android platform around 80% propaganda, Nokia, the biggest selling point of X is not Microsoft’s services, but many Android applications. In the end, the user experience is more Android ecosystem.

we think here, really want to experience the Microsoft service users will go directly to choose the company, and select the user that Nokia X is to those who seek cheaper Android users, after all, compared with the market of low-end Android mobile phone, Nokia, X or a lower price. Second question is, however, except for the Nokia X locating in the low-end and pay attention to the user is bound to lead to its price may not be able to bring Microsoft visual benefits (both from hardware sales and application on the purchase of), the user change next time when experience better models, is to choose the same low-end of the company (Nokia X less than the support of the application for Android), or a better Android models more likely?

of course, the biggest problem is due to the emergence of Nokia X, Microsoft is now has the most system platform in the mobile market. Namely, the Windows Phone platform of the company series; Nokia X Series of Android customization platform and Asha family Series 40. But from the market performance of the three platforms, is typical of many but not strong. Was supposed to maintain a Windows Phone and Series 40 requires Microsoft expenditure of energy and financial resources, have analyzed the industry that Microsoft may eliminate a Series of 40 as soon as possible, and Asha existing equipment to Microsoft quickly custom version of Android (also known as Nokia X) system for migration.

imagine, if there is no Nokia X, the user can move to where? Microsoft’s Windows Phone either; Or Google Android. Here is easy to see the Nokia X purpose, that is, to prevent the user from Asha the transition to the company before the loss of cell phone (loss to Android phones), it ACTS as the role of the wall, some will not to buy the company part of the user (in fact, the Android users) in the name of the Android temporary plugging on the Nokia X. And plugging purpose is to hope that users in Nokia X customized Android platform to accept Microsoft’s education services, and finally let them choose Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Regardless of the logic itself problems (with rival platform education and training user), we have already seen this strategy as well as from the front analysis does more harm than good.

our last see sales of Nokia X itself really will be very high? Maybe there will be someone to previous Mokia X booking volume of 1 million units in the Chinese market, sales of Nokia X optimistic views. However, as far as we know, the reservation without any registration or deposit, but the reality is that many users only to and appointment in jingdong launched a competition (users only need to click the button and a chance to win a Nokia X). In addition, the participants can also “reservation” four kinds of colour all the Nokia X. Integrated these factors, the actual purchase Nokia users how many X is unclear. At least compared with bookings will be discounted.

based on the analysis of the above, if the industry think before elop what is a “Trojan horse” of Microsoft in Nokia has fun means, so Nokia trading after the completion of the merger and acquisition of Microsoft, Nokia X could be Microsoft mobile real Trojan horse in the future.