Nosto, help small and medium-sized electrical contractor against giants such as amazon

Nosto engine is an online marketing, its role is to help small businesses like small fish in A big pond general e-commerce market can be A major breakthrough, get the useful information, in turn, to improve their online store services, make online store service providers have A more customized products and more chance to contact the customer, Nosto in A financing, has been in harmony to European vc firms, Wellington Partners led by $5.5 million.

Nosto as early as April 2013 has been in the Open Ocean Capital, SanomaVentures and the support of some undisclosed angel investors launched a $2.8 million funding round.

Nosto company marketing automation system in e-commerce for small business marketing analysis of user behavior, so as to customize the user want to get the experience and the things they want to get, and then encourage them to spend more money here. When the user number and quality reaches to a certain extent, Nosto can help the small and medium-sized enterprises better compete with e-commerce giant similar to the amazon.

so far, already has more than 1200 online retailers are using Nosto service. (note: due to provide retailers with free trial version, so not all users pay the fee). Six months ago, Nosto automated marketing system introduced a new version of the self-service, and claims that revenue has increased by 500% over the same.

Nosto will raise new money in the core of the strong expansibility and more user-friendly products, as well as adding new features for the new product. In order to improve the product, the company said it would intensify efforts on recruitment, including recruitment business development, marketing, research and development team and management team. To help develop new products and create value for the company.

according to Juha Valvanne founder and CEO tells: capital spending in other areas there are changes, including marketing, and other scope of e-commerce platform to expand cooperation and global market expansion plans, extend new market and expand overseas business).

“some improvement to better support a/b or multivariate testing site optimization. Earlier this year we have done a lot of research about new features and products. These new products may will be introduced later this year.

Wellington Partners, a managing partner of Eric Archambeau in funding commented: “the company saw the development of a analysis and marketing automation tools is a huge opportunity in e-commerce market, and in other areas, it can reduce the gap between online retailer giants.”

he said in a statement: “we are in a new generation of tools to assist small business saw a big opportunity, this makes the small can store enough to confrontation in the field of performance indicators such as amazon and ex e-commerce giant.”

“the big company has developed a data driven advantage products, is for those who are in the aspect of data mining and predictive modeling cannot afford with the big company like r&d strength small shop”. Many small shop operators laments the cutting-edge technology and convenient way of using the Nosto make us with Nosto and for existing investors Nosto investment cooperation is very confident.