Not according to the rules of Internet advertising

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is learning to the Internet thinking? But the newspaper marketing!

in the past three days, the Beijing times advertising version appeared a group of special intelligent telephone harassment advertising, in the “buy green card”, “professional move”, “cure-all”, “cosmetic center”, “real estate promotion” and a series of ads list page, occupy the middle is such a set of content “so far, we have stop harassing phone calls 362823134137 times, of course, ads on this page is not exceptional also, mobile phone harassment, guard no problem.” Ads at the bottom is the sign of 360.

of course, the other advertising content of this page is not a real advertising businesses, but by 360 to generation refers to a source of advertising in our daily. Have to say that the 360 advertising does have its surprise. First of all, on the Internet companies in considered, such as CCTV, high-grade office buildings on the “tall” regional advertising, it will be 360 advertising in the print media is considered by the increasingly decline. And use the classified AD format, create the new pattern of the print media advertising. The voice for bad-mouthing the print media and perhaps is another kind of response.

look at the AD itself, does have its own unique characteristics and value, and the other way of advertising slogans or endorsement type is different, this time, 360 will herself in “psoriasis” AD, when directly with objects themselves to “revolution” together, and in the whole boring “psoriasis” advertising right in the middle, with 360 has intercepted AD, in addition to the visual impact, greatly is indeed. See here advertisement consumers didn’t have to ask to know more, 360 mobile phone guard’s function is to help yourself do intercept similar harassing phone calls, in the “map reading age” increasingly popular at present, it is worthy of reference for other advertising business shall be.

in addition, vocal data is also the AD is a major bright spot. The most attractive is the AD 362823134137, the number, so visible data in a bunch of text itself is to attract consumer attention, moreover also on the whole a version of the newspaper in the middle of the, complete with data proves himself to consumers.

Internet companies advertising, from the beginning of birth to now, has been undergoing change, from the initial baidu SEO optimization, to put on the page ads, and after the patch advertisement, micro film, as well as the current most fire big data, say on Internet companies to accurately on time, but 360 toward the most popular newspaper media, this state of the opposite, in addition to highlight the characteristics of 360 always do STH unconventional or unorthodox, the most important thing is that he really caught the customer pain points.

in the “naked” in the Internet era, harassing phone calls, harassing messages really let too many people hate to hear. Text messages and phone calls and hidden in the fraud, not only caused serious trouble for people’s normal life, but also the potential threat to people’s property. According to 360 mobile phone security center, according to data from 2013 users mark of harassing phone number about 422 million, marked the harassment telephone number average daily number of active for more than 230. Among them, advertising sells phone alone accounted for 21%, greatly intensified. But with the mobile Internet is becoming more and more into our life, when the pay treasure, pay WeChat began in mobile operation, mobile security is also becoming more and more important. So, to install a mobile phone security guard has become most people’s choice.

however, how to let users in the choice of many selected you, behind the products and the enterprise’s marketing ability, while 360 have been known to all, but this time will herself in “psoriasis” on the way of advertising, and more than 300 million telephone interception of data, has used the most vivid examples shows the user own originality. It is understood that the current 360 mobile guards in the country has 550 million users, become the largest domestic mobile phone security software. As early as in 360 at the beginning of advertising has been broadcast on CCTV for harassing phone calls, and the 360 again declared war on harassing phone calls comprehensive, seemed to herald the coming in arrival on May 19, 360 mobile phone security, they will have greater action.