Not seeking to challenge the along while, Microsoft occupy territory was apple

throughout enterprise intelligent device activation volume in the second quarter of this year, while apple’s iOS fell by 5%, accounting for 67% of the total share, but it is still dominant. Android business equipment activation volume in the last quarter increased by 5%, 32%, and the activation of WP quantities remain five quarters before the level of 1%.

the data come from Good Technology semi-annual mobile devices index change report. It is important to note that since the blackberry devices use a blackberry enterprise server for enterprise mail access, Good Technology is no longer pays attention to the amount of activated blackberry.

therefore, skim the blackberry, iOS accounted for two-thirds of the enterprise market share, Android accounted for a third, almost no share while WP. Obviously, Microsoft has more work needs to be done.

we can see that the activation of android’s smartphone quarter rose 4% (which is pretty amazing data), has grown to 30% today, not only that, but that figure will grow further. IOS smartphone activation volume quarter from stable, at 51%. The amount of activation and iOS tablet fell slightly, accounting for 16% of the market share.

document editing applications continue to lead the most widely used application list. Having said that, but security instant messaging applications have to apply the custom out third.

the report also points out that the three interesting findings:

total enterprise application activation continued double-digit growth significantly, quarter-on-quarter growth of 20%.

last quarter tablet and smart phone activation quantity gap has narrowed considerably in the second quarter, 58% and 42% respectively.

on the activation volume, the government and the public sector record increase of 5%.

Good Technology report is in keeping track of the whole mobile platforms and devices after the activation volume. They have gathered more than 5000 customers around the world all the equipment after it is concluded that the data mentioned above.