Not thirst is not equal to not water! “ShuiBaoM Hug” provides you with guarded throughout the day

we all know that we should drink more water to keep healthy and moisture, but easier said than done. According to the United States centers for disease control and prevention, according to a study in 2012 43% of americans drink four glasses of water a day or less. At this moment, sponsored Kickstarter Hug. Hug with a sensor, can be wrapped in any bottles outside monitoring your consumption of water, it also has a related mobile applications, can remind you to drink water when you lack of water.

Hug developers that dehydration has effects on mental and physical, but many of us are busy work and life, too little to drink enough water every day and thirst but in hindsight.

Hug moisture into a private coach, it will be on your phone Settings hint to remind you to drink water, and monitor shows you the water consumption. It also by connecting to other applications like FitBit and RunKeeper monitoring your workout, adjust the corresponding alarm.

r&d Hug Finnish companies plan to accelerate technology research and development in the United States recently, but according to the team’s co-founder and CEO Panu Keski – Pukkila said that over the past nine months, four founders have been engaged in product development, Helsinki for for research and development and the life there are “cheap”. However, he also believes that if on Kickstarter the raise successful, part of the team members have to back to the United States, because America is the main market Hug.

was himself a fitness fanatic Panu in often feel weak. His girlfriend think may be the result of water shortage, the results prove that this is so. Quit in coffee drinking only water and increase after drinking water, he has become more dynamic (even without caffeine). He was quick to understand what other people are also subjected to a series of problems related to water shortages, including dry skin, tension, depression, and even kidney stones.

so, he and Heikki S? Teri (CTO), Tapani Honkavaara (COO) and, Tiihonen developed Hug together.

in more than a year of time, the group has established a functional prototype, now is working on the design of the product.

Hug itself has two shell: a silicone band and plastic spring. The battery in a plastic board is designed to be portable to recharge Hug, there is a small USB charging cable.

Hug there are black and white two colors, and with a redesigned iOS applications. Early Kickstarter supporters can buy Hug at $59 a minimum price, the retail price is much lower than the market.

it should be pointed out, Hug is not the first attempt to solve the problem of water shortage, Jomi – intelligent Aquarius – fund-raising project because of funding problems been suspended, this means that consumers don’t catch a cold. (is of great value to the time will prove that Hug)

there are 783 million people in the world can’t drink clean water, they are very confused at the thought of it, it is so lucky that we actually need a application equipment to remind us to drink water.

all in all, Hug can encourage bad habits change habits, eventually develop health routine, thus no longer need to remind of technology. And after raising funds to Hug you, don’t forget to also for fundraising, ok?